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Comment May not be popular, but windowsrm is a pretty slic (Score 1) 151

Its biggest issue is to my knowledge it omly works with windows, but for making life had for leakers this is probably the best bet. When you open documents your computer requests the key for ad, the benefit here is if the user cant connect to AD (i.e. They are at home) the whole process wont work. You can also define users who can decrypt data before emailing if they do meed to share the info. It works well as long as you are tied to the windows ecosystem.

Comment Happens in high paying jobs as well (Score 1) 110

I worked for a consulting firm that tracked your billability or percent of time you could bill a customer vs doing other admin overhead. The stupid thing was if you did non billable work like writing proposals on top of billing you 40 hours a week, it still messed up you billability targets. Once i got a message about my billability being too low after working over 40 hours billable and doing proposal work then your manager would need to explain it to his higher up manager. They later fixed the policy, but i couldnt understand how such a stupid policy was in place, especially since winning work through proposals was there bread and butter.

Comment Sounds normal to me (Score 3, Interesting) 198

The role of an enterprise architect is to work with stakeholders, gather requirements, create time lines and then hand their work over to another team to implement and continue to provide governance. At best you might be lucky to get access to some sort of test environment. I am TOGAF certified and like you before I started didn't understand what it was before I started. The trainer I had described it as creating cartoons for executives. I still got the cert but realized it really wasn't for me. I will say that I think the role is very important and as an implementor is designed to answer the questions I often have when building something like number of users, availability requirements etc.

Comment Re: What a clusterfuck (Score 1) 676

A TS device can have up to TS level documents, so unclass, secret, TS, etc. An unclass device can only contain unclass documents. So the device can have documents that go down. It should be physically impossible for someone on an TS device to email someone on the Internet. Therefore, if a TS document ever makes it on to an unclassified machine someone screwed up (maybe with a scanner or CD drive or something). That someone could have been either the sender or the receiver.

Comment Re: What a clusterfuck (Score 1) 676

Bell-LaPadula. This happen all the time.. Someone could have accidentally scanned a document that was TS and sent it to her on unclassified network. This creates a spillage and there are proper ways to handle this. Granted... those ways usually assume the person isn't running their own mail server..... so there is that.

Comment Re:Steam Link (Score 1) 170

I would agree with this. Steam machine may be awesome. I just am not sure how much faith I have in Valve at producing hardware. For the Shield, at this point Android TV is a bit lackluster... I haven't been that excited with it, but the streaming has been great. I can also emulate my older NES, SNES, N64 etc. which is pretty awesome.

Comment I have been in cyber security exercises (Score 1) 124

I thought they would be awesone until I realized what they were. Mostly a way to show off to higher ups. The bulk of them end up being about showing off pretty charts and dashboards no matter how useless those charts are. How you can make these work is tell your staff that management will be hiring a pen test sometime in the next six months but they won't get any more detail. This allows you to test your staff whole making them be more on their toes in case a real attack happens.

Submission + - The Security Industry is Failing it's Customers (blogspot.com)

dremspider writes: An op-ed article stating that security industry is failing its customers overall and how the industry can overall get better. Increased spending on security hasn't been helping the industry as has been seen in light of larger security breaches. This article is promoting that instead of having individuals who are trained in information security the industry as a whole needs to shrink and instead the responsibility of security needs to be propagated throughout the organization. This means that instead of trying to train a few in information security,everyone must be trained and how it relates to their roles.

Comment My take on this... (Score 5, Insightful) 241

I have been in IT for about 10 years, so I am not sure I am completely qualified to say since forever, but I would say that the issue is we are now competing with cloud providers as to the expectation of our customers. For example, Gmail offers you 15 GBs for free and IT customers wonder why they only have 2GBs at work. Most cloud services have pretty amazing up times, and people wonder why your IT dept. can't do the same thing (no matter how well staffed it is). People are seeing the consuming of resources as free and then trying to IT accordingly.

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