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Comment Re:Locking out open source hardware (Score 1) 440

Last time I checked the price for EV code signing certificate was around 350-400$. But obtaining the EV certificate is not the only obstacle; actually using their HCK software to produce a EV-signed tested submission package is a good exercise in tolerance towards Redmond. The system requirements are rather high, they demand a physical machine for the controller component, one Windows test machine for each target version (so to support a full range of only desktop OSes a total of 8 test instances are required: win7, 8, 8.1, 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit, plus the server instances if the driver is to run on server systems).

The test process itself occasionally fails for no apparent reason (e.g. test machine reboots) even for user-space print drivers. Some tests are mandatory, others can be excluded and it takes enormous amount of time and nerves to find out which ones (via some vague posts in forums), to produce a signed hck package which can be submitted to whql labs.

Comment Re:I guess I'm the only one who likes Thunderbird? (Score 2) 418

Doubleplusgood. It has GPG/PKI security, calendar/task extension with 3rd-party Exchange connector, best in class IMAP support, speed, stability, rich set of extensions - not a single sucking webclient is even remotely close to offer this combination of productivity, privacy and features. And it is cross-platform. As I am using Linux most of the time I tried many available email clients - all of them suck BADLY comparing to TB.

Comment Duck typing and GIL (Score 2) 232

Because of the duck typing maintaining, extending and refactoring any non-trivial Python project is a fubar. Make a typo in the variable name and catch this bug 2 months later in the production deployment. Thank you very much, but no unit tests from the whole world will cover this.

Because of the GIL it doesn't scale across the modern hardware so it forces programmer into process-level parallelism and 3rd-party http server with wsgi crap which gives deployment and maintenance headaches.

Because of the interpreting nature it is too slow to be considered as good choice for any CPU-intensive tasks (not only math but anything outside of I/O and networking).

I must admit though that it is great for scripting. So there should it stay forever and personally I'd run away from any job description which includes Python as a primary language.

Comment Re:As usual, Woz proves to be the guy who knows. (Score 1) 549

My goodness, what an ultimate collection of 80's-style propaganda crap.

Stalin, who lived into the 1950s, was a monster of epic proportions.

This 'monster' created a greatest industrial superstate from the underdeveloped agrarian country. He won the second world war. He made a nuclear shield against the peaceful civilized democracies that nuked Japan and killed most of their own natives.

you will need to find tens of millions of bodies

Mister, you are citing the lies of Solzhenitsyn. There are well-known figures: around 700.000 people where sentenced to death penalty from 1921 to 1953; the absolute majority in 1937-38 during the 'Big Terror' years due to the internal fights in the goverment and the rising Trotskism movement. Should that not happened the Stalin's powers would be overthrown and Germany wouldn't have any difficulties whatsoever 3 years later. The top number of prisoners in the detention and work camps was around 2 million people (compare it to the modern US). On average 0.8% of the population was held in the camps during Stalin era.

Ukrainian Genocide

There was absolutely no genocide but a starvation from objective reasons. Same as in USA in 30's.

Communism is effectively a mind trap - the theory sounds so beautiful to many people that it must be true, but in practice it has always led to oppression, often bloody at that.

It's a mind trap only for such short-sighted and narrow-minded anti-soviet fanatics like you.

Comment Re:Buffer overflow (Score 1) 611

My reply was mainly to original parent: I never had the described issues with C++ (virtual destructors, forgotten cleanups, etc). The "ugliness" and complexity of the code is solely a programmer's fault, not the language. I just tried to show that similar issues exist in Java, including resource leaks, forgotten cleanups, "finally" statements, incorrect object comparison, etc.

Comment Re:Buffer overflow (Score 1) 611

My point is not that strings are objects but that it's easy to make a mistake by coding == instead of .equals (especially when coming from other languages where no such issue exists, C++ or Python). How's that different from forgetting virtual destructors? Another annoying issue is absolute incosistence in the method name (or property name) that returns the size of the collection.

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