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Comment Wow, what "news". (Score 2) 143

I don't know what's the most ridiculous; The headline (since when is "what could be but probably won't" news?), the fact that these news start with "An opinion piece at CNN" (opinion /= news) or that the whole idea is so utterly stupid that I can't help but facepalm (which would probably entice Kinect to delete the channel or something).

Next up: Some guy on the street says cars could run on liquid gold soon but probably won't. In his opinion car manufacturers could produce cars running on gold for 5$ less than the average gas-guzzling car and thus eliminate the demand for oil.

Comment Okay, hold on a second... (Score 1) 376

" obsessive fact-loving realm that is dominated by men and, some say, uncomfortable for women." "The big problem is that the current Wikipedia community is what came about by letting things develop naturally" was a natural development that men are in the majority, and it may be uncomfortable for women. Why do we need to shoehorn them in then? What's with this diversity-fetish?

Comment The U-Force worked (Score 2, Informative) 135

TFA (yeah yeah, I know, I wasn't supposed to actually read it) seems more like an advertisement for Kinect to me. I actually owned a U-Force and it worked without a hitch, even the flight-stick accessory. But oh well, guess they were going for that whole "Thanks for liberating us from the oh so sucky past, Microsoft! Now could you pay us?" thing.

Comment Beta for everyone (Score 1) 401

What is everyone complaining about? Square-Enix has given us all an opportunity to get into a beta of a huge, anticipated game. With Halo, Medal of Honor etc. everyone was desperately trying to get into the betas, but with Final Fantasy XIV it's now as easy as picking it up in stores. Isn't it great?

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