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Comment Re:It's Foxconn Employees taking bribes from suppl (Score 1) 51

Here, why don't you read this: Foxconn is cooperating with Chinese authorities investigating allegations that executives at the electronics manufacturer received illegal bribes from supply chain partners. The company, which produces consumer electronics for companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Sony, said in a statement that it brought in law enforcement officials to work with an internal audit team investigating the charges "against a number of Foxconn employees." The statement comes after Taiwan-based Next Magazine reported that a Foxconn executive had been arrested in September as part of the allegations. When queried by CNET, a Foxconn representative declined to address whether an executive had been arrested. "Since the matter is under investigation, we are not able to comment further," Foxconn said in a statement. "However, we can say that the integrity of our employees is something we take very seriously and any employees found guilty of any illegal actions or violations of our company's Code of Conduct will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." "We are also carrying out a full review of our policies and practices to identify steps we can take to strengthen such measures to further mitigate against such actions," the company added.

Comment It's Foxconn Employees taking bribes from supplier (Score 5, Informative) 51

This headline is really badly written.
A few high level Foxconn employees have been accused of taking bribes, by Foxconn. Foxconn called in the law enforcement on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and is working with them to capture all the responsible parties. So rather than Foxconn taking bribes, it's Foxconn employees abusing their power, and embezzling against Foxconn by taking bribes from suppliers.

Comment Re:Your generation never had SUVs (Score 1) 543

Back in the old days, there were these things called Station Wagons. People who had more than 2 kids used them to carry stuff and people back and forth.
As time goes on, Station wagons were un-cool as Drive-in makeout sessions gone the way of the dodo. But, people still want to carry their assorted off springs and general excess stuff.
In response, they bought these vehicles that looked like Station Wagons, albeit with a slightly shorter hood, with jacked up suspension, and larger tires. Rather than calling them station wagons, a new term was necessary. So the Sport Utility Vehicles were born. All was well in the kingdom of men.

Comment Re:visited to USA recently (Score 1) 813

Really? Tons of people die everywhere. In the grand scheme of things, we all die, with or without medical care. The universe does not give a rats ass about us. There are countries in the world that you can't get medical care unless you pay at the door. There are countries with supposedly universal healthcare, that if you don't pay your mandated premium, that you don't get care.

Comment Steve's impact on the world (Score 5, Insightful) 1027

Even though I don't qualify as an Apple Fanboy, Steve's impact on the world of computing is felt everyday by all of us.
While Xerox PARC did the original GUI environment, and invented little things like the Mouse, Steve's vision with the Mac changed the computer world. It made computer accessible, influencing Windows and other OSs to make their system accessible to the masses.
Apple, Next, Pixar, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPads.
I believe Steve made the world better.

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