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Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 965

I'm running Mountain Lion without issue or hacks on an early 2008 Macbook Pro. That's 5 years service and counting.

Some machines do get left behind, but this doesn't seem to me like planned obsolescence, it's hardware that just can't do the job for whatever reason.

But hey! It's cool to tell everybody that Apple is evil. Rock on!

Comment Re:It's been decades. (Score 1) 815

Actually, while there may be some things making it technically illegal, I think Apple have accepted Hackintosh.

With the release of Mountail Lion, it's no longer called Mac OS X, but OS X. This shows me that they are separating the Mac brand from the OS, which now (unofficially) runs on a lot of other hardware than Apple's Macintosh machines.

The only time they seem to take action is when people start trying to sell hardware commercially as OS X compatible. Or indeed sell anything which purports to get you a Mac on the cheap. They have taken *no* direct measures in their software to hinder installation on other hardware after switching to Intel. There's their TPM, and the SMC had to be faked / emulated, but those barriers were long since broken. Occasionally a release comes which breaks things momentarily, but these always seem to be honest changes, rather than (very) half-hearted attempts to thwart hobbyists.

It's a good attitude to the issue, imho.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 2) 175

I've been using Linux for the past 10 years or so. I choose Ubuntu as my Linux of choice.

How am I a moron for choosing an environment where most things work, out of the box, without me having to spend days fucking about? You can be sure that whatever I'm trying to actually achieve with the machine will take plenty time, so not having to configure everything about the OS is a distinct advantage.

My time is valuable to me, and Ubuntu saves me time. I fail to see how this is moronic.

Comment Re:language != logic (Score 1) 306

It's extremely difficult to prove correctness in anything but very short programs. It's done for some critical embedded code, but is totally impractical for anything you're likely to run on a PC. Not to mention that the average programmer doesn't know how.

Now, preventing a program from hanging is pretty easy in most modern languages. Just put the whole program in an exception block. But that's probably not exactly what you want, is it?

It wouldn't work anyway. An exception is absolutely not equivalent to a hang (non-termination). Look:

} catch(Exception e){
            System.out.println("this line will never print");

Comment Re:Only a little evil (Score 1) 305

The fact that Apple is suing over Galaxy Nexus is all over the news.

Yes, but we were talking about slide to unlock. So I went and checked for you - it isn't involved the the Galaxy Nexus case:

Get your facts straight instead of being hysterical perhaps?

I'm being intentionally obtuse because the patent in question is so obviously idiotic.

Good plan!

Comment Re:sudden outbreak of common sense (Score 1) 305

The point is that Apple only gets trigger-happy when the product is considered "as good as an iDevice" or better. They are trying to protect their premium image by trying to ban the better Android products while letting the shit ones through.

Why is this surprising?

Apple goes after infringing phones that aim at the same market segment as theirs. The ones in the other segments aren't going to be eating their revenue, so why spend money on them?

Comment Re:Only a little evil (Score 1) 305

Google has already changed slide to unlock they used in Android 2.x to the new model in ICS, where you need to drag a thingy out of the circle (in any direction); no shiny text involved. That's what Galaxy Nexus uses. Apparently, that's still not good enough for Apple.

I had no idea Apple was pursuing slide to lock on devices where it isn't present. Would you care to provide proof of that, and perhaps suggest why they're being allowed to do so? Heck, perhaps even suggest what interest Apple have in doing it?

By your logic, since the first thing you encounter in a car is a steering wheel, whoever put it there first could have got a design patent on it as "one of the identifying features" of his product. This is an idiotic argument. Identifying features - if you want for them to actually be identifying - should be sufficiently different and notable. Slide to unlock isn't.

You're being intentionally obtuse, but that's nonetheless exactly right. Whoever put it there first could have taken a patent, and would have been idiotic not to do so if it was different to whatever contraptions were used to steer before the wheel. Although I feel quite deeply that the steering wheel and construction would be better suited as a patent, rather than a design patent, since it has rather more than just visual impact.

A very quick google found a patent for steering-wheel mounted controls for things in your car:

This hasn't stopped manufacturers from including this feature in their cars, or making their own patents based on it. But of course, an item on the steering wheel isn't actually the first thing you encounter on a car, is it? It's the exterior of the fucking car.

I digress, but my point stands... Slide to unlock isn't particularly more innovative than so many other ways of opening a touchscreen device. It's characteristic of iOS devices, and that's why Apple are going after it.

Comment Re:Only a little evil (Score 1) 305


Like so many of their patents, it's about keeping the device recognizable. And frankly, I don't see the problem - if you can't come up with something equally functional that isn't the slider with the shining text, you're trying to copy their design. Or I should be doing your job.

Slide to unlock is the first thing you encounter. It's one of the identifying features of the product.

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