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Comment Not my type of company (Score 3, Informative) 267

Outside of spam, dangerous websites with known trojan, and maybe obvious porn. Why would you want to block your employees? I've worked once for a big company like this. I left. A lot of websites were blocked. Even craigslist. Led to workarounds and other hacks. It was also quite counter-productive in many ways.

Honestly if you don't trust your employees don't hire them. If you have employees that aren't productive because they are doing things they shouldn't be doing then let them go.

I wouldn't work for you.

Comment Great Strategy (Score 5, Insightful) 112

Honestly I think it's a great strategy to be bold and NOT be afraid to try new things. They are lucky to be in a position to be able to reach many of their customers and experiment. I say try, be bold. You fail, you hopefully learn from your mistakes and customers. Try again. Something will stick and could become successful.

At least Amazon compared to Samsung tries new things they do not copy. It takes courage to try and gamble with large sum of money. My hat off to Amazon even if I don't always like their product. Hell I did sign up for the Echo. I might stay in a drawer after a few weeks who knows but it's a good opportunity to try something very new. A virtual assistant that could listen to you at all time in the future. There is a lot of potential to learn from this.

The Courts

Judge Berates Prosecutors In Xbox Modding Trial 285

mrbongo writes with this excerpt from Wired: "Opening statements in the first-of-its-kind Xbox 360 criminal hacking trial were delayed here Wednesday after a federal judge unleashed a 30-minute tirade at prosecutors in open court, saying he had 'serious concerns about the government's case.' ... Gutierrez slammed the prosecution over everything from alleged unlawful behavior by government witnesses, to proposed jury instructions harmful to the defense. When the verbal assault finally subsided, federal prosecutors asked for a recess to determine whether they would offer the defendant a deal, dismiss or move forward with the case that was slated to become the first jury trial of its type. A jury was seated Tuesday."

TSA Pats Down 3-Year-Old 1135

3-year-old Mandy Simon started crying when her teddy bear had to go through the X-ray machine at airport security in Chattanooga, Tenn. She was so upset that she refused to go calmly through the metal detector, setting it off twice. Agents then informed her parents that she "must be hand-searched." The subsequent TSA employee pat down of the screaming child was captured by her father, who happens to be a reporter, on his cell phone. The video have left some questioning why better procedures for children aren't in place. I, for one, feel much safer knowing the TSA is protecting us from impressionable minds warped by too much Dora the Explorer.

Sony Gets Nasty With PSBreak Buyers 246

YokimaSun writes "The war between hackers and Sony over the PlayStation 3 has now taken an even more sinister turn, with Sony going after not just shops but actual buyers of the PSBreak dongle, threatening them with fines of many thousands of Euros and forcing them to sign cease-and-desist letters. It seems Sony will use any means necessary to thwart both homebrew and piracy on the PS3."

Study Shows Babies Think Friendly Robots Are Sentient 159

seanonymous writes "A study from University of Washington claims that babies think robots are human, so long as the robots are friendly. No word on what evil robots are thought to be. From the article: 'At 18 months old, babies have begun to make conscious delineations between sentient beings and inanimate objects. But as robots get more and more advanced, those decisions may become harder to make. What causes a baby to decide a robot is more than bits of metal? As it turns out, it takes more than humanoid looks — babies rely on social interaction to make that call.'"

Comment Re:Profit! (Score 1) 250

I am like a lot of people, I really don't like ads. I -hate- those flash annoying ads, animated junks, popup under, whatever... I never click on those.

but... I do admit that google ads have never bothered me.

There are not obtrusive, quick to load, usually straight to the point. I have discovered many interesting websites/products because of those.

I can't believe I am saying that, but I do like google ads, mostly.

Comment Nehalem Box (core i7) + VMWare ESXi (Score 1) 272

For the best performance in Virtualization, buy a Nehalem CPU, a core i7, 4 cores. We are using those at work and the benchmarks are amazing.

If you don't have much money, buy the low end quad core, core i7 920, throw in 8GB of memory and you will have plenty of power and memory to throw in a couple of 1vCPU VMs, the performance is pretty good. If you have money, buy a dual core i7, 8 or 16GB, then you have something that smoke. VMWare esxi is pretty cool. I believe they have in the work a version optimized for Nehalem.

Comment Re:What the hell? (Score 1) 653

I have seen so much police brutality, lies myself that I don't trust the police anymore and that sucks because not all police officers are corrupted.

So here is my proposal: It should be required by lay that all cops have a camera hooked up to their jacket recording both video of what they are seeing and hearing. The technology has become cheap enough that it would be easily doable, at the end of the day, all recordings to be uploaded to a central server and preserved for a certain amount of time.

No cops testimony should be allowed if they can't be backed up with the recording audio/video. I am sure it would make a lot of cops think twice about what they do... and testify about.


Which Phone To Develop For? 344

Rob MacKenzie writes "I have to decide on a mobile phone to develop for. We're building a house with some automation built in, and we want the mobile phone to be able to control certain aspects of it, and retrieve information on what's going on in the house. Our choices are the usual suspects: Apple's IPhone, RIM's Blackberry, Nokia's line (Symbian), any Android phone we can get in Canada, J2ME generic app, or a Web-based UI we would interact with in the phone's browser. What would you choose if you had to go with one? Which exact model? We will be buying a few to develop for, so price is a bit of an issue."

Comment Re:I just ordered one!! (Score 4, Informative) 536

Yeah, I totally agree with that. Apple just doesn't offer enough hardware options to make it attractive. I mean, comeon, either the mac Mini which sucks as soon as you are looking for something that you want expand. The MacPro? Sure, it is a great platform, but very expensive...

I built a hackintosh out of a quadcore Q6600, 4GB of Memory, two 500GB drives and a 512MB geforce card. My cost was less than a thousand dollars and it works great (plus a 30" monitor), even better than my Official Macbook Pro. Apple just does NOT provide that kind of configuration for that price. The equivalent config with a MacPro is $2850...

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