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Submission + - UI TA attaches porn to student assignments. Oops.

dragonard writes: It seems that a University of Iowa teaching assistant, instead of attaching an answer to a homework assignment for her students, accidentally attached a still shot taken from a private chat session with her boyfriend. The TA showed up for class today, but apparently took great pains to try to ignore the situation.
The school has taken no official action yet.

Comment What a candyass thing to do (Score 1) 609

What Stallman does in his spare time in the Middle East is his business, not the Palestinian Authority.

Giving into the PA's demand was a wimpy thing to do, particularly from someone the likes of Eric Stallman, who has been known to take controversial stances because it was the right thing to do.

Comment I'd start with Jon Pertwee (Score 1) 655

Catch The Dead Planet from Hartnell's work; don't bother with the rest. There are damned few episodes of Troughton's work that survived the BBC purges intact, and it's downright painful to watch the kinescopes of those that did. (This is too bad; Troughton's a good actor.)

Start with Jon Pertwee--the first decent doctor. Watch him and Tom Baker. Don't bother with Peter Davison. Colin Baker's only worth watching to catch up with DW continuity in the Trial of a Time Lord thread. I personally love Sylvester McCoy's work, but that's me.

Skip Eccleston altogether--a potentially interesting character development that never got close to being realized. Go right to Tennant; you could watch his stuff twice over if you're so moved. I cannot abide Matt Smith, but again--that's me.

I'm still lobbying for a female Doctor for the next incarnation.


Sun Pushes Emergency Java Patch 90

Trailrunner7 writes "In a sudden about-face, Sun has rushed out a Java update to fix a drive-by download vulnerability that exposed Windows users to in-the-wild malware attacks. The patch comes less than a week after Sun told a Google researcher it did not consider the issue serious enough to warrant an out-of-cycle patch and less than a day after researchers spotted live exploits on a booby-trapped Web site. The flaw, which was also discovered independently by Ruben Santamarta, occurs because the Java-Plugin Browser is running 'javaws.exe' without validating command-line parameters. Despite the absence of documentation, a researcher was about to figure out that Sun removed the code to run javaws.exe from the Java plugin. The about-face by Sun is another sign that some big vendors still struggle to understand the importance of working closely with white hat researchers to understand the implications of certain vulnerabilities. In this case, Google's Tavis Ormandy was forced to use the full-disclosure weapon to force the vendor into a proper response."

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