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Comment Sure they can... (Score 1) 105

As long as your smart watch isn't a Gear S2. I swear this thing think I hit my daily walking goal when all i'm doing is sitting and reading a book. The other day it automatically switched to cycling while I was driving my car... at 72MPH. If I could cycle that fast I wouldn't need a car. If anyone tries to get my pin using my watch all they end up with is some weird data: He's not moving... now he just moved marginally downward... now he's accelerated left at 212 MPH..... now he's stopped.... now he's in the next county....

Comment Um... What? (Score 1) 951

I get where he's coming from but I think to say that there's a 1 in a X number of billions chance we aren't in a computer simulation is a bit off. For example, the rate at which computer game development can in fact be traced back to computers. In fact, our advancement in the past 50 years or so in most fields has been very fast. Cars, Computers, Engineering, Medical. All of these fields have been advancing rapidly and computers are the cause. Each generation of computer is being used to build then next. The result is better miconization. Fitting more data in the same physical space. More processing. Faster throughput. Each advancement is directly used to make the next and these computer advancements bleed over into other fields. So which is more likely? Video games are so advanced because we are in a computer simulation or the rampant video game development is simply a byproduct of computer design leap frog?

Comment Re:California is bad (Score 1) 203

Yeah, the problem was I wasn't getting paid enough to get the fuck out. Thankfully and sadly a family member died. I was able to pay off my debts and move. Best decision I ever made in my entire 30 year life. I now have a 45k salary job with full benefits, payed time off the works. The company isn't huge, the employees are friendly and my commute into work is 30 minutes from the house I bought outright for $85,500. Good luck doing that in Cali.

Comment California is bad (Score 1) 203

This is just another sign that California is circling the drain. For example, my last job in the state I was doing IT Admin work for a decently sized company and was making $11 and hour. In addition to this I was told they only wanted me to work 35 hours a week so that they wouldn't have to pay me any benefits. At the end of my first year when I found that the company as a whole had made 752 Million, a whopping 89 Million more than the previous year and 149 more than the year before that, I asked for a 25 cent raise and was laughed at. Seriously. I was then asked if I thought I was worth that much of a raise to which I responded: yes. yes I am. I got that raise after my third year with the company but by then I didn't care anymore. The problem is that shit rolls down hill. California as a state imposes way to many taxes and regulations on business. If you decided you were going to try and start a business in California you might as well just flush your money down the toilet instead. It's a quicker way to get rid of it. All of these restrictions hurt the companies bottom line and they have to make that up somewhere and that means either paying you minimum wage instead of what everyone else makes for your job, or finding someone from from out of country who will do the job for minimum wage. Thankfully I moved to Washington and within 5 months got a contract job paying literally twice as much per hour and at 40 hours a week no less. And to top that off the job was actually easier. I swear the only reason people live in Cali is for the weather. If you can count perpetual sun and annual forest fires as "weather"

Comment Re:Reading between the lines (Score 3, Interesting) 170

It isn't amazing at all. They made a bet, and as luck would have it, it won. It was definitely a more informed bet than the average bettor would make, but I don't care how good this thing is, it will never make a living betting ponies.

Actually you might be surprised how amazing it is. I remember a statistician in high school telling me a story about those stupid guess how many beans are this jar deals. Apparently, if you gather as many answers as possible and find the average, it will be accurate within 2-5 plus or minus. Obviously the larger your sample the more accurate your results. So while I am not surprised that humans can be more intelligent in large groups, I still find it amazing.

Comment Re:Simple answer (Score 1) 110

It affects their lives because the human might say, "Ok computer. I get it. Thanks for telling me," instead of "PC Load Letter? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

It means you need to open the fucking Paper Cartridge and Load it with some standard Letter size paper.

Feeding it romance novels? Ok, then instead of "PC Load Letter" you get: "Approach printer from rear, pressing your body roughly against it, while softly caressing Paper Tray #1's latch. Gently grant it sweet release, and when it has fully achieved removal fill it's sweet chamber with Standard Letter size blank paper. Then firmly insert the tray until the latch lets out a soft moan."

Well there's one printer that will be out of paper for a while. I don't like my paper trays to "moan".

Comment Re:Doesn't this violate TOS? (Score 1) 184

we were using ATT DSL at our old house... They had a soft cap of 50GB a month which I would constantly go over. Every GB past that number they would charge $10. We were paying $50 for this service and quite often I would run up the bill to $180+. In that scenario I wouldn't open my WiFi even if I could impose a user bandwidth cap. Maybe if I was somehow able to paywall it.

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