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Comment Re:Poor QA from GoPro is par for the course (Score 1) 35

Their poorly made handlebar mounts are apparently well-known for snapping. Wish I'd seen the reviews on them before mine snapped at speed and destroyed my camera when it smashed apart on the pavement.

At least they offered me a minor discount on purchasing a newer and more expensive camera... Didn't bother taking them up on that.

Comment Re:Where do you draw the line? (Score 1) 650

There's no cost to releasing it to the public domain

Doubtful. Some code may have licensing issued preventing it, and even trying to sort that out could be time consuming and expensive.

Maybe there is code in there they still use in other products. Maybe they consider some proprietary and don't want to release it. Maybe it could reveal bugs in those current offerings. Maybe it is a mess they don't feel reflects well on the company? All of those could create costs for MS.

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