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Comment Re:Linux vs Git? (Score 0) 177

OK, I guess I never had a feeling for why there haven't been more MS competitors out there when writing a good OS is not such a big deal. As an outsider, it always seemed like writing linux must have been a bigger deal than maybe it was.

ps: A long long time ago I somehow obtained terrible karma during a period when I never posted (I've never figured out why), and I guess I don't post enough to raise it back up.

Comment Re:Yes it does. (Score 0) 453

It is basic selection bias, plain and simple, and it should be accounted for by any competent researcher. (basically the p-value must be multiplied by the number of places where an effect could have been found). Unfortunately, in the field of medical research, researchers do not appear to be competent.

Comment Re:To be clear what this means. (Score 0) 173

Think about it like this: particles get mass (ie inertia, a difficulty accelerating) because they are like a person in a crowd being knocked around by other people (Higgs). But the Higgs have the same problem -- they are also getting knocked around and themselves have difficulty accelerating. If you think about it this way there really isn't necessarily anything 'recursive' about the idea. The reason why some particles don't have mass or don't get knocked around (like the photon) is simply because they don't interact with the Higgs.

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