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Submission + - a new 3D file format for 3D printing

dr_blurb writes: A new 3D file format has been designed specifically for 3D printing: the 3MF format, with a couple of big backers: HP, Autodesk, Microsoft, Shapeways, etc. (detailed specification here)

It's another XML based format, and with 3D models becoming ever larger, these files may become a bit unwieldy. But maybe this is finally the format to end all formats (so we can stop using X3D from the web 3D consortium, and Universal 3D from the 3D Industry Forum, and Collada from the Khronos Group and...

Comment Re:The new version is terrible! (Score 2) 222

To return to the old version: 1. Go to 2. Click on the ? icon in the lower right corner 3. Click "return to classic Google Maps" But there doesn't seem to be a way to make it permanent.

There used to be a "remember this" option after that, which seems to be gone now.

Another option is to bookmark the direct link:

I'll be sad when that no longer works :-(

Comment Re:Just emulation anyway, not a reimplementation (Score 1) 110

If I was a Spectrum fanatic, I'd want something that was either a "true" reimplementation of the original Spectrum and/or something that looked and could be used like the original Spectrum- possibly with additional features or connectivity, but retaining the original features.

I don't care. If Sir Clive Sinclair is behind it, then I'm getting one :-)

Comment money making racket (Score 3, Funny) 307

They must do it on purpose: set up a crap hotel, put the 100 pound fine in the small print: profit!

At the place has 147 "terrible" ratings and 24 "poor" == 17100 pounds (about $26800) (!)

If they're smart they'll diversify: Bad review on tripadvisor: 100 pounds. Badmouthing tweet to 1000 followers or more: 500 pounds. Negative letter to paper: 500 pounds and 20 lashes. Bad review in paper: you forfeit all your bank accounts.

All hotels should do this. The Great Hotel Vengeance of 2015. In fact all reviews of any book, film, hotel, ebay seller, etc. should be included. Ah well anybody who says anything bad about anything ever. 100 pounds please.

Comment Re:Sturdy (Score 1) 304

A keyboard should be tough enough to beat a man to death with. And then use to write his obituary.

Wasn't the original quote something like:
"The only keyboard you can beat a user to death with, and then use it to delete his account?"


Comment Windows 10? (Score 1) 545

Can't we just start talking about Windows 10 already, and how it will fix the problems with Windows 9?

And will it have minecraft as the default user interface? (it should, get 'em while they're young)

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