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Comment Wallstreet replacement (Score 4, Interesting) 162

Soon BitCoin will became what really it was meant to be in the first place - asset for investment trades. A bitcoin is virtual, non existing in the real world asset, but when the invest market crashed back in 2008, they found most of the assets where non-existing anyway. Now the difference 6 years later - you know that you invest in something that is virtual, so you take a risk again, only more educated risk. It didn't make your investment more risky, just more obsessive, since you can mine with expensive hardware to gain some more coins.

Comment Re:monophonic sound chip? (Score 1) 645

The ZX Spectrum have more than 8 eight colors. The Speccy have 15 colors - 8 normal and 8 half-bright colors. But since the black can not have half bright they are actually 15 colors. The second black color was used to hide some texts by the programmers, that was revealed later. The sound is produced by monophonic signals to the membrane. If you make it sound like multichannel by sending signals fast in different octaves, that does not make it polyphonic.

Comment HTML5 is not there yet. (Score 2, Interesting) 205

HTML5 will be great, but it is not there yet. I wanted to implement HTML5 for all the videos on my website, but unfortunately, I was unable to find any good HTML5 video player with all the bells and whistles that the Flash players can offer. On top of that, the HTML5 videos players I tested with Flash fallback, were showing the video preview picture without anything suggesting that it is a video, not a picture - for example play button on the center. For the time being I am away from HTML5, even if I like it. I hope they will release decent HTML5 video players soon, that I can easily replace with the Flash, but have the fallback modes for the people with old browsers or mobile devices.

Comment Seeding problem (Score 2, Interesting) 85

This sounds nice. With the back up of HTTP server, this means the leechers will be irrelevant, when nobody else is seeding. Many people will just leech, watch and forget, without giving back seed. Because of the lack of seeds, the file hosting sites are so damn popular now. If everyone was seeding after download, then nobody would need file hosting services. Even YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites may go to this model then. (HTTP with backup of bit torrent and vice versa) cool cool cool. This gets even better for the people like me who have different Internet speed for country traffic and abroad traffic (I have 10 times faster traffic from local servers), so when torrenting from someone nearby, I will have faster speed, than downloading from the abroad server. Nice.

Comment Re:Get ready to Bend over America (Score 1) 410

What on earth are you talking about? Firstly, toll roads aren't built for big corporations with money. They are simply built as another revenue source from EVERYONE. And as for you point about small businesses not affording the server/speeds compared to big corporations - well that's just daft. Servers are SO much more affordable now than ever. 10 years ago I couldnt even dream of server in my house, now I have two bloody PE2950's. Sure, a big corporation could buy an entire datacentre, but atleast I can work on getting into the market without shelling out tens of thousands.

If you want to drive a truck on the highway, you pay much more than for a small car. So if you are individual you can not afford to drive a truck on the highway, because it will be too expensive for you. But, if you are individual or small business, you will not be able to afford a truck anyway. So if you are small, you can not beat the big companies, because either they will crush you with a better offer to your key customers or they will buy your business. They can afford to offer better to your customers, because they can work even at loss, just to make a pressure on small companies, beating them into a failure. The analogy holds for servers and data centers. Even if you have own server, I doubt you can serve video streaming to thousand of visitors, plus data processing of user videos, search queries and other little services that everyone loves to offer. So, I still stand what I said in my original post. Nothing new under the sun. The big companies eat the small.

Comment Re:Get ready to Bend over America (Score 4, Insightful) 410

It always happens this way. Big corporations with the big money eat the small companies. If you can not afford to pay for driving on the highway, you have to drive on the second class roads. Same for the Internet - the big corporations now can have fast servers, with fast speeds, while the small business and individuals can not afford speed, offering slower services. Nothing new under the sun.

Comment Re:Good news for the anti-fraud workers. (Score 1) 77

I use only physical connection to my desktop computer (micro AmigaOne). But in the other room my wife is with her laptop and she was very annoyed with the long cable, so we installed the WiFi router. Now she is happy, I am still physically connected, but I am happy as well. We also have printer and another laptop physically connected to the network and the live happily on the network. If I did not have router, only one machine is allowed for connection by the ISP.

Comment Good news for the anti-fraud workers. (Score 2, Interesting) 77

So nobody is Anonymous on the Internet? This is know fact since ages, but now with revealing geo-location it us much easier to find people who commit crimes over the Internet. Cyberstalkers, scammers and crooks - watch out, if they can so easily locate you, so can the police. Of course revealing this information now, means the crooks will take precaution actions to hide their traces even more deeply.

Comment Re:Blurry text (Score 4, Insightful) 167

Reading from the screen is not hard. Even on old TV sets. Teletext exists since ages and nobody complains about it being unreadable. In fact in today technological society there are already more people reading more from screens of some kind, than from paper. With such cheap device as the one in the article, the ratio of people reading from screen versus the people reading from paper will increase even more in favour of the ones readering from screen.

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