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Submission + - BitTorrent and Khan Academy to distribute eduction ( 1

drDugan writes: BitTorrent, Inc. announced this morning they launched a partnership with Khan Academy to distribute open education videos.

They launched with more than 2,000 videos, covering high school and college level curriculum, across science, math, history, finance and test prep. All the videos are free to download and open licensed with Creative Commons.


Submission + - TSA, Airlines launch pre-travel permission system ( 1

drDugan writes: ABC news is reporting that the US Transportation Security Administration is rolling out new security guidelines called the 'Secure Flight Program'. When buying a ticket, travelers provide the full name, gender, and date of birth that matches the government-issued photo ID used at the time of travel. The collected data will be used to screen against state-run watch lists before travel begins, effectively creating a permission based system for US flights. The TSA press release asserts, "Secure Flight will make travel safer and easier for passengers." The goal is for the government agency to pre-approve travel for 100% of all domestic and international flights by the end of next year. EPIC also has details.

Submission + - LegalTorrents launches copyright compliant tracker (

drDugan writes: Many legitimate media providers are using Bittorrent to distribute content, but the recent Pirate Bay legal verdict and closures left many content downloads unavailable. Along with the ongoing legal issues at Mininova and other sites, options have been scarce for legitimate Bittorrent tracking service. Once a torrent is created with a tracker URL, that tracker has to stay running for normal distribution to continue. has quietly launched a solution with three open Bittorent trackers for its members, including a fully automated, community-based flagging system to blacklist and immediately remove copyright-infringing content. Users submit SHA1 hash values for content with infringing materials. Site members can include and track their own published materials regardless of flagging.

Submission + - 95th percentile consumer billing

drDugan writes: "Consumer broadband services are facing trouble, mostly because the business model of over selling capacity won't work with high-traffic streaming and sharing services going mainstream. Consumer broadband service has typically been a fixed price agreement for unmetered service, while some providers are now (controversially) moving to metered service with transfer limits. However, business bandwidth and co-location facilities typically use 95th percentile billing. It seems like an obvious step that consumer services, once effective metering is in place, could start offering burstable billing to consumers as well. This has the benefit of consumers paying fairly for the actual bandwidth load they use, in the same way the ISP companies pay to their upstream providers. Are there any consumer broadband services offering 95% billing? Unix/Linux and MacOSX systems offer a wide array of networking tools to throttle bandwidth, including the user-space trickle and system-wide traffic shaping with iptables; Windows has tools like Netlimiter. For the slashdot community, especially those of us who use a lot of bandwidth, would you prefer 95th percentile billing to bandwidth caps? Do you think trading off speed for costs would be too complicated for consumers to understand?"

Submission + - Feds say fires downed WTC Building 7 (

drDugan writes: "The AP is reporting that after a 3-year investigation, the World Trade Center Building 7 collapse was 'the first known instance of fire causing the total failure of a skyscraper', falling about seven hours after the twin towers fell. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released a report, identifying why the building collapsed and recommending how to improve similar buildings. The full report is available here."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Cool new projects: July 2008

drDugan writes: What is the coolest project that you are working on or that you have seen in the last few months? So much of what drives good design is knowing what is available. People creating on the edge — making new things don't want to know what someone has paid to market to them — we want to know what is being built at the leaves, in the 3-5 person teams with no marketing budget and working in their spare time building tools, software, hardware, new technologies, whatever. This is not for ideas, or for brainstorming, or finding people to help with your project — rather, what have you built? Here is the place to shill and self promote, to step up on that soapbox and post it here. [Please make this a monthly event on Slashdot]
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - 3 AM Gril Now Supporting Obama (

drDugan writes: "The Tacoma News Tribune and This is True are reporting that the slumbering girl in Clinton's "Who do you want answering the phone at 3 a.m.?" campaign ad is 17 now, plans to vote after she turns 18 (before the 2008 election), and lives in Washington State. Turns out that the girl, Casey Knowles, was filmed for stock footage 8 years ago, is a devoted Obama supporter and was a Democratic precinct captain at the Feb. 9 caucus. She said on CNN, "I think it would be wonderful if Barack Obama and I could get together and do a counter-ad"."

Submission + - Movie Downloading by Slashdot Users?

drDugan writes: "I'd like to know how many people download copyrighted material, with the same criteria described in a recent phone survey and reported here. Have you "illegally downloaded a full-length movie at some point in the past"? Please respond non-AC with a simple Yes or No. Comments and justifications would also be helpful to bring more light to the current copyright discussion."

Submission + - Vista Content Protection details

drDugan writes: Peter Gutmann from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland, (New Zealand) has written a scathing review of the costs incurred by users and the PC industry because of the Windows Vista Content Protection Specification. The piece focuses on disabled functionality, reduced playback quality, elimination of open source hardware support, and overall effects on reliability, cost, and resource consumption.

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