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Comment Device encryption on Honeycomb (Score 1) 238

Honeycomb 3.1 has the option to encrypt the whole filesystem. It failed initially on my Transformer, but I read somewhere that they fixed it.
I don't know what that means for access via USB to the SD card, but if you device has been turned off, the filesystem can't be accessed until you type the encryption password.
It's not the magic bullet, but it's an extra step :)

Comment Re:So how will this impact IMAP access? (Score 1) 399

yup, you can set up these one application passwords, and you can delete them any time.
It's a little bit of a pain as you need to be in front of a computer when you set up a new connection to google from your device (to create the password).

The only problem I see so far is that password is not really connected to the application, so if you lose that password, it can be used to access you account :(
It should be really fixed to one application or service as much as possible.

Comment Re:E-Series Nokia or other WiFi-capable Symbian ph (Score 3, Informative) 289

My N95 is an amazing SIP device. The native SIP implementation means that a SIP call behaves exactly like a normal call. Just dial the number as usual, just choose internet call instead of voice call. It works over wifi and 3G, almost seamless.
As for NAT, I never had any problems with it. It has NAT transversal support.

As for cheap, you can always buy one second hand.

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