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Comment Re:Union Featherbedding, Meh (Score 2) 608

Agreed. I went back to school after 4 years in the workforce and finished the last year of my 4 year degree entirely online. And to be perfectly honest, while lacking the true social element, I learned just as well, if not better in the online courses. Having said that, I don't think there is a university that will allow you to complete an entire degree online yet, aside from University of Phoenix and a few others I know nothing about, I referring to a traditional university. I was lucky to even do a year online, and it almost didn't work out. I am a firm believer that the right teachers, with the right tools can make an online school just as good as a traditional one.

Comment Don't Believe It (Score 2) 302

I have nothing against Apple, in fact I love the Macbook Pro, but this is definitely a biased review. I bought a tablet a few months ago, and I set out for the store fully intending to buy an iPad2. After comparing all the tablets on hand, I came home with the Motorola Xoom. Honeycomb is awesome, and the hardware kills the iPad in every department. It also runs Flash, very well. You can jump on the bandwagon and bash Flash and pretend you don't need it, but the fact is that Flash is a very useful tool when used properly by competent developers, and there are plenty of things online I enjoy that require it. Now, I understand that the Xoom and the Galaxy are different devices, but the Xoom was SO much better than the iPad, that I find it really hard to believe that the Galaxy is as bad as this review tries to make it out to be.

Comment Re:I wonder how many gigs of ram I'll need (Score 1) 266

So just out of curiousity I went an ran the exact same test on my Macbook Pro, running 10.6, and the latest FF4.

So same test as for Linux, 3 exact same sites open in seperate tabs, 2 pinned = 204.6 MB

So not as good as my Linux box, but certainly no 400 MB. Are you sure you are running latest FF4?

Comment Re:I wonder how many gigs of ram I'll need (Score 1) 266

So, after posting about my Firefox RAM experience I loaded up the latest stable Chrome, the latest stable Opera, and of course FF4. I loaded them each up with more tabs than I would ever use, each one in Identical order, and then allowed them to idle for quite sometime. RAM Usage results: Firefox 4 - 284 MB Chrome - 312 MB Opera - 345 MB Which at least on 64 bit linux makes it the LEAST RAM hungry of the 3. I would also like to note that even Opera is using a very reasonable amount of RAM considering the number of tabs. I will admit that FF3 was a pretty bad performer, and I, along with most folks switched to Chrome until the release of FF4. But today, with FF4 released, all of the major browsers performance are so close to one another, that it really negates performance as a bullet point when choosing a browser. Just pick your favorite in terms of UI, features, and extensibility, and use it. Right now the browser war is down to personal preference.

Comment Re:This seems easy to fix on the Google side (Score 1) 63

Why should people like myself, who have a legitimate reason for services on different ports, be punished because others lack the skills to properly secure their networks? Are you suggesting that I should have to proxy all of my services through apache even when their is no benefit to doing so? This isn't a problem that will be fixed from the top down I'm afraid.

Comment Re:Why not just make 5-second ads? (Score 0) 249

Troll. Silverlight sucks equally, if not worse, than Flash does in the performace department. Hulu works just fine, if you are having performance issues with Hulu then you need to upgrade your hardware, or not use Hulu. Hulu wouldn't be able to do what they are doing without Flash, save using Silverlight, and being a Linux user I am very happy they use Flash. Random Flash bashing is really fucking old. Just because spammers misuse the technology doesn't make it bad in general. If you want to bash on Fash then join some Apple fanboy community and you can all talk out your asses together, leave it off Slashdot.

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