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Comment Re:iPhones are just too expensive (Score 1) 420

I ended up buying my android online. I got it unlocked straight from the manuf. and of course with no contract. I made sure that the supported frequencies matched my preferred carrier and dropped my SIM card into it. Worked great. I liked the Samsung Galaxy S series, but did not like the current trend of making phablets instead of phones. I didn't want the Galaxy Ace, so went with the unlocked Galaxy S Advance. Not necessarily the best choice, but I find it amusing that I have an unlocked phone that was *never* made available in my country through the usual carriers. I also truly detest 'plans' and just use pay-as-you-go. My phone was 250$, and I only pay about 18$/month in services. HTH.

Submission + - @Whitehouse Hosting Twitter Town Hall On Wednesday (

CWmike writes: "In another milestone, the White House will hold its first Twitter town hall forum on Wednesday. President Barack Obama, known for using technology and Web 2.0 tools since his presidential campaign, will answer Twitter users' questions (submit them here) in a live webcast about the U.S. economy and jobs at 2 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday. Twitter co-founder and Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey will moderate a conversation between Obama and Twitterers across the country. Twitter users can submit questions using the hashtag #AskObama. Some questions will be taken up in advance and others will be grabbed real-time during the event, Twitter said. In a blog post, Twitter executives said a conversation about the U.S. economy will fit right in with regular Twitter activity."

Submission + - Bing & Baidu Take on Google (

cloud36 writes: "Bing & Baidu, China's prominent search engine, team up to take on Google in international search. Microsoft inked a deal with Baidu to provide English language results over the weekend"

Submission + - New Threat To Internet Freedom In Italy (

empty mind writes: "From next week, the Communications Authority (AgCom) will have the right to block access to websites suspected of illegally hosting copyrighted material, without a trial. A rule which does not exist in any free country, strongly supported by Berlusconi and Mediaset."
This is what started the recent Anonymous attacks to institutional sites.

Comment I curse (at Windows) (Score 1) 286

I used to curse at my Win98 machine every other night (I still prefer to shutdown desktops nightly at home) as I observed it's inability to shutdown the O/S. It always froze during shutdown and I never found a solution for it. How hard is it to quiesce the disks and shutdown ? Fast-forward to today and I've got a Dell laptop with Vista running, and it gets 'sleep', 'reboot', 'shutdown' mixed up. So I'm still cursing. The cursing is always about Windows for me. My linux boxes never had a problem.

Submission + - Potential MS (multiple sclerosis) breakthrough

dr-suess-fan writes: CTV reports on doctor's discovery. From the Article:
"A group of doctors in Italy is investigating a fascinating new treatment for multiple sclerosis, based on a theory that, if proven true, could radically alter the lives of patients. An investigation by CTV's W5 reveals that this treatment appears to stop the disease from progressing. Patients seen in the documentary relate how, after the simple procedure, their MS symptoms suddenly stopped and, in some cases, they were able to resume normal lives."

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