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Submission + - What Are the Books that EVERYONE Should Read? 3

dpu writes: Part of my NYR is to encourage reading as a hobby in those around me — especially my friends' children (ages 2 to 22), but my wife and I as well. There is a lot of "classic" literature out there I'm familiar with and will be pimping to the short masses here (Fahrenheit 451, To Kill A Mockingbird, In The Heat of the Night, Huckleberry Finn, Cryptonomicon, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, A Wrinkle In Time, When Rabbit Howls, etc.), but I know many of you are much better read than I am.

What recommendations would you make? What are the books that everyone should read? I don't care if it's been banned by schools, burned by communists, or illuminated by 15th century monks. If you think everyone around you should read it, I'd love to know about it.
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Embedding Video in a site for iPhone/iPod

Russ writes: "Our corporate media delivery platform is in the process of being refactored (at long, long last), and one of the preferred requirements is the ability to serve streaming video to iPhone and iPod Touch devices, similar to the way YouTube does it — show a screen shot, and when the user taps it, the video should play full-screen and landscaped automatically.

The problem comes from the severe lack of documentation Apple provides on how, precisely, this can be done. From what I can tell, YouTube still fires a Flash object to the iPhone despite its lack of Flash support. I have, to a certain extent, been able to review some of YouTube's Flash code and get a hack working on our platform (no screenshot, not landscape, but does play automatically), but I'm sure I'm missing a "trick of the trade" somewhere that makes the process transparent to the user.

Has anyone out there done this before, and if so, how? The standard (and non-standard) Quicktime object/embed codes seem to only provide partial functionality on the iPhone/iPod."

Submission + - High-speed LAN without cable or line-of-sight 2

dpu writes: "I'm moving in 5 months to a basemment suite out in the country. I've already had the two local wireless providers out, and both have told me that I can't receive a signal at that location.

However, the next door neighbor (about 200 feet away) does receive a signal from the one company. Unfortunately, there are two rows of trees between our houses, which makes line-of-sight problematic at best, and non-existent at worst.

My question for Slashdot: how can I get a high-speed, non-LoS signal from my neighbors house to mine without stringing cable between the two rooftops and preferrably for less than $500? Is it even possible without cabling?"

Submission + - Subscription Television, Revisited (

dpu writes: "Just to reiterate: the $0.0014 per episode per month that I would pay my cable company includes no on-demand convenience, it includes between 30 and 40 untargetted ads (spam) that interfere with the entertainment factor of what I'm watching every single hour, and it includes no guarantees of service or availability. Even the accuracy of the program guide is not guaranteed."
The Internet

Submission + - Video sharing sites revisited: What do want?

James writes: "We've all used YouTube, most of us have used Google Video, and some of us have used Viddler. A few of us have gotten together and decided these services are missing something, but we disagree as to what. In the interests of preventing massive scope creep, we've decided it would be much better to ask the tube-users worldwide how we should do this. Think of yourselves as managers and tell the developers (us) what to do.

You want MetaCafe with better profit sharing? Tell us! You want YouTube with enterprise-class security? Tell us!

Where do we want you to tell us? Take your pick — email us at ideas-veevu-com, or edit the wiki at We read everything that comes our way, and we'll try to respond to all of it as well."

Submission + - Subscription Television - Past, Present and Future

dpu writes: "Who would pay $1.99 to download a television episode that only costs about $0.0014 to see on cable? This is a short essay on the current and past state of subscription television, and a hope for the future. It skips a lot of points that the thinkers among us might care about, but it does the math and drives a nail into Big Content's pinky toe."

Submission + - LPIC-1 Is Good, But Worth The 4 Day Boot Camp?

dpu writes: "So it turns out I need to know Linux at my new (most excellent) job. They'd like me to be LPIC-1 certified at least, and preferably level 2 in short order. I've had the bad experiences at so-called "boot camps" and using online training from places like TestKing and "Pass Guaranteed" (bull), and it seems I'm not alone. Certification rates coming out of boot camps seems to be anywhere from 20 to 30%, which obviously sucks.

So, as a PSA to the community, I'm passing on the link to the company that has (IMHO) the best self-paced LPIC-1 certification course I could find (and buy) — the University at Buffalo (State University of New York). They're offering an alternative to their $2000 4-day boot camp — a $295, 10 hour all-in-one online course (printed materials are extra, but you're free to print your own). It's taught by Barry Woodbridge (an actual teacher with 20 years experience) in 15 lessons, includes a VMware image so you can "work along" with the course in case you don't already use Linux, and so far is rocking me pretty good. The official news item is at their site, along with the phone number if you want to go for it. You get a 7 hour lesson in TCP/IP from Laura Chappell (yes, THE Laura Chappell) too! Nice!"

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