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Journal Journal: Pissed at iRobot

I got a Roomba last year for Christmas. I used to go around saying that it was greater than sliced bread. I still feel that way - when it works.

My third Roomba just died on me Monday. That's right, in 10 months I've gone through 3 roombas, two chargers and two batteries. And iRobot's support is less than stelar.

I complained. I wrote letters to iRobot's president. No response. Then I posted a negative review to the irobot website. The review was removed, but I was emailed by Mario Salinas from the corporate office. He wanted to talk to me about my problems. I emailed him back suggesting a time to talk and never heard from him again. In fact, my follow up emails were ignored too.

How can a company expect to remain reputable with this kind of behavior?

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Journal Journal: Haiku

Daylight spills into
night's quietly held secrets
only shadows left
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Journal Journal: First post!

I've never seen much point in journals, but I figured I'd make a post just so I don't keep getting a blank.

Darkness hovers on
daylight's edge, slowly beating
trailing wings of night

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