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Comment I am not surprised (Score 5, Insightful) 427

I've been discriminated against because of both my gender and my religion, but I have NEVER been paid less than my male colleagues. I may not have had the opportunities to grow given to me, but I've always made good money. In my current job I'm one of the highest paid people on my contract. My personal experience is that there's no pay gap - do your job and get paid accordingly,.

Submission + - How to Reimmage a Library 1

dptalia writes: I'm part of a team tasked with re-imagining my local elementary school's library. Libraries, especially school libraries, are struggling to remain relevant in today's world when so much reading a research can be done from home. But this school has mostly low income student who don't have the sort of high tech resources at home that we all take for granted. What ideas do you have to turn an elementary school library into an environment that fosters innovation and technology?

Comment Not surprised at all (Score 4, Interesting) 295

A decade ago I worked a contract for a small school district in Texas, installing server. The servers were several years out of date - purchased with a federal grant for millions of dollars. They then say in a warehouse until the district got YET ANOTHER grant to install it. Maintenance? Not unless they get another grant because no one there had a clue.....

Submission + - Evangelicals and Divine Evolution

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Kevin Kelly has an interesting post on his recent attendance at a conference with 650 Christian evangelicals to discuss the future of the church as seen by the Facebook generation and says that while officially the evangelical church in America preaches against evolution, particularly teaching evolution in their schools, what has happened is similar to what has happened in the use of birth control among Catholics: the belief of lay members has diverged from what is preached from the pulpit. "When I speak to evangelicals one to one to ask their views in private, I have discovered that on average they do not really believe in creationism, even though their church officially does," writes Kelly. "In a survey among the conferences goers at Q, the majority responded (anonymously) that they embraced a belief in a theistic evolution." Kelly adds that the denial of the reality of evolution by evangelical churches is hugely detrimental to themselves and to the rest of American society and many see that the first step to unbind contemporary evangelicals from the prison of creationism is simply to embrace the obvious framework of an evolution driven by God (PDF). "There is nothing inherent in the facts of evolution that precludes it being initiated by a creator," writes Kelly. "The God of evolution may not be the optimal God, but it/he is much greater than the dollmaker God of creationism. I'm betting on the bigger God.""
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - How Much is a Dragon Worth? - Michael Noer - Backs (forbes.com)

timothy writes: Forbes magazine's "crack team of fictional reporters" creates annually a list of the 15 richest fictional characters. Good work, if you can get it, right? To silence critics who seem to think they might pull their numbers straight out of some nether orifice in a land far, far removed from fictional reality (vs. real reality, or fictional fiction), they've now put up a piece explaining their methodology.

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