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Submission + - Activation-free Vista for at least a year

jcatcw writes: "One change to Vista's registry lets users put off the activation an additional eight times — significantly more than the three disclosed last month. By changing the SkipRearm key's value from the default "0" to "1," the earlier-revealed "slmgr -rearm" command can be used over and over, according to Brian Livingston. Microsoft calls it a hack. Livingston counters with links to Microsoft's online support documents that spell out the pertinent registry key."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - British authorities are cracking down on "dogg

jimdesade writes: "Dogging is an extension of "swinging" parties — and involves exhibitionist sex in semi-secluded locations such as car parks or country parks. The location of dogging "events" is now frequently advertised on websites or communicated via mobile phone text message. Those attracted by these messages may simply act as voyeurs — or be invited to participate."

Submission + - Where's the Business Value in Vista?

Whatsthevalue? writes: As we've been evaluating Vista for future support and implementation at a large academic institution I've been having trouble substantiating the business value for the software. We're a Windows-based environment and thus new OS releases should be exciting, but Vista seems to be a letdown in the ROI department. User-Access-Control, Aero, and a redesigned start menu are all cited as reasons for change by consultants but at the end of the day do these "features" make anyone's interaction and use of the OS more intuitive or efficient?

For those of you considering a switch to Vista I'd really like to hear you opinions as to the business case surrounding the move. Anyone have any ideas on how Vista would ultimately make end users' jobs easier?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Wikipedia erroneously reports Sinbad dead

An anonymous reader writes: Is anyone stupid enough to believe what they read on Wikipedia anymore? Apparently so, since comedian Sinbad was dealing with hundreds of calls, e-mails and text messages sent by gullible fans after his Wikipedia entry was vandalized to report that he had died of a heart attack.

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