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Submission + - New Game Artificial Intelligence Competition: MO-PTSP - (

dperez writes: The 2013 Multi-objective PTSP Competition ( is open and accepting submissions. The Multi-objective PTSP Competition is a real-time game, where the player drives a ship that must collect all 10 waypoints scattered around the maze full of obstacles. The goal is to minimize three objectives, all of them equally important: a) Time taken to visit all waypoints; b) Fuel consumption; and c) Damage taken by the ship. Three parallel tracks are running for this competition: bot competition, human competition and human vs. bot competition. You can find some guidelines here:

Comment PTSP Motivation (Score 5, Informative) 59

Hi, I'm the organiser of the competition. The PTSP is meant to be a benchmark where different AI techniques can be tried and tested. This game gathers many of the features that real-time video games have (pathfinding, navigation, obstacle avoidance...). The objective is to provide a benchmark where new AI techniques can be tested and potentially exported to real time games. Of course the objective is not to solve the TSP. Actually, it's been seen that optimal TSP solutions, if we just consider the distances between the waypoints, do not create optimal PTSP paths. This makes the problem harder than just applying one of the very well known techniques to solve the TSP. Currently we have a couple of submissions that are behaving quite well, but there could be still room for improvement! Cheers, Diego.

Submission + - The Physical Travelling Salesman Problem Competition (

dperez writes: "Dear all,

I am pleased to announce the Physical Travelling Salesman Problem (PTSP) Competition — The PTSP is a real-time game where the player has to collect a number of items scattered around a maze before the time runs out. The competition has two different tracks: a human track, where the player plays the game in the webpage, and a bot track, where the participant submits a Java controller that is evaluated on our server. Rankings for both tracks are shown in the webpage.

It is very easy to start developing a controller, there is plenty of documentation, and an active google group where you can ask questions or share your ideas about how to approach the problem.

This competition is brought to you by the University of Essex (UK), and it is co-organized by Philipp Rohlfshagen and Simon M. Lucas. It will run for the international IEEE WCCI (IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence) and CIG (IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games) events this year. The deadline for submissions for the WCCI event is May 27th, so there is still plenty of time, around 40 days, to prepare an entry. For more information, and start playing and coding, please visit or email me at

Bests, and happy coding!

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