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Comment Wake me up... (Score 1) 725

I don't think the suit will really go anywhere. Wake me up when the rest of the world files against the United States. I like the idea of higher mpg and lower emission standards but I think they should be balanced against the semi-trucks and work trucks that the cars will have to share the road with. I noticed that in some countries, the semi-trucks have side bumpers to keep little cars and pedestrians out from under the rear wheels. By making the trucks safer to be around, we could tighten our standards. I don't like the idea of using bio fuels; "Help the farmer. Save the planet." So we're going to use our eroding top soil not for food but for oil, manufacture and spray tons and tons of pesticides on the ground were it will find its way to our rivers. Last question: Thinking globally not locally. What is going to pollute the environment more: Columbia drilling for oil with their environmental regulations or the United States drilling for oil in Alaska with our regulations?

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