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Comment Re:Hmmmm, yeah (Score 1) 274

Is this like some sort of Google ad? I dunno. I like G+ too, but it is a little hard to use in the ways that you can use FB when people just don't do a lot with it. Maybe they'll hit some sort of critical mass? I'd like that, but...

I find your comment amusing because everyone I know does not leave facebook because their friends are not intelligent enough to move to G+. I think that is what getting facebook going.

Comment Re:Superior browser (Score 1) 449

Let's see: -The toolbar can't be customized -No real AdBlock -Extensions are glorified userscripts -Installs Google Updater -Memory usage goes through the roof with a lot of tabs opened (higher than Firefox could ever hope it to go)


- Still faster than IE and FF. - Does not crash that often as IE.

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