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Comment Yeah but... (Score 0) 204

they will reinvent the function prototype so it wont look like or behave like any of the other functions in the language so you'll still spend all you time looking up whether to camel case or underscore or to swap the parameter order versus the legacy functions. Even though it is "by default" they will still make you recompile from source to get it to work and it will still get hacked by a script kiddy who will just alter the source on the production server. *shudder* :-) JAVA RULES! *mic drop*

Comment No way!!!! (Score 4, Funny) 16

Are you telling me that the RIAA and the MPAA are just a bunch of dicks???? Well here is how we fight back:

Movie tickets for 2 ... $20
Snacks for 2 ... $25
Quality of the reboot movie cause that is all they do anymore ... regrettable
The bedbugs you bring home ... priceless ( to the bedbugs )

RIAA and MPAA should go after people illegally copying bedbugs while attending their movies.

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