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Comment Re: NIN tracks on Quake CD (Score 1) 428

The great thing about the tracks just being played directly from the CD while playing the game was that you could leave any CD in the drive and it would play them instead. I substituted the Nine Inch Nails Quake CD for an imported version of Nine Inch Nails Further Down The Spiral, which worked even better as it actually made some levels seem even more scary and evil.

Comment Re:Blame the farmers .. yeah ! (Score 5, Informative) 203

Real life farmer here. Maybe is the USA cows in pastures are a lie, but in the UK ours spend the summer out in the fields. It's cheaper to keep them in a pasture than in a barn. Also, we don't feed our cows antibiotics. Again, that's something they might do in the US, but in Europe antibiotics in cattle feeds have been banned for quite some time. We have some factory farms in the UK also, but nothing the size of many US herds. One farmer wanted to build an eight thousand head farm, but it made national news and there was massive public resistance. They do not want that sort of farm in the UK.

If you want to blame farmers for using such practises, blame yourself for looking for the cheapest food you can get. Supermarkets compete on prices. You wanted cheap food, you got cheap food. Now, you realise the price of that cheap food. The farmers were just giving people what they wanted, the cheapest food they could produce. Did you ever pick up an item at the supermarket and think that it was too cheap? When it comes to many quality foods, people should really stop asking themselves "Why is it so expensive?" and ask "Why is the other stuff so cheap?"

Comment Re:Before you get your knickers in a bunch (Score 2) 360

I don't think a bug, but I don't think removing this software is a bad thing. The software in a few cases hits the hardware for data, probably in a fairly low level way. If the behavior of windows has changed, there is the potential for damage. Using one of those apps listed, cpuz, I left my Win10 computer needing a hard reset a couple of times. I upgraded to a new version and it is fine, but would have appreciated a warning or something as if I had been doing anything important at the time I launched cpuz the first time, I could have lost information.

Comment Re: a better question (Score 2, Interesting) 592

Funny, at x-mas I had some friends over, and there was two of them using brand new Mac Book Pros but neither of them was running OSX. Linux was the desktop of choice, one also had Win8 but we ended up installing Win8 on the other one as well so we could play Elite Dangerous together. Those MBPs aren't so bad once you get a useful OS on them, I can certainly see why they are so popular.

Comment Re:CS players cheat? (Score 1) 224

I think Microsoft ban their consoles from Xbox-live if you're caught hacking the consoles or cheating online. That's another good idea, hurt the hackers by making their hardware worthless. Make people post their graphics / mobo / cpu serial numbers when selling on ebay for buyers to check against Steams banned hardware list.

Apologies for my previous typo, teach me to read my own posts.

Comment Re:CS players cheat? (Score 2) 224

You can't permanently band people from Steam when all you need to create a new account is an e-mail address. People will just use a new throwaway account for hacking. Hackers already are known to setup perhaps 10 new Steam accounts when the game they enjoy hacking the most is on sale, and buy 10 copies. I've seen hackers get banned and then brag to people laughing at them getting banned that they have half a dozen more copies and they are going to enjoy getting them all banned but until they do they are going to make life a misery specifically for the guy laughing at them.

The way to go is to make getting a pass to play online painfully difficult. Make it like applying for a passport almost, require a Social Security number or driving license, something that will tie the online ID to an actual person. Making it so that if they get caught cheating once, they can't play ever again with the people that want to play fairly is a damn good idea, but you need a solid form of online identification to do that.

Comment Re:Having problems reading this.... (Score 1) 176

If he had skipped forwards a few few years and said he was browsing on an Amiga, I wouldn't have been certain he was joking. Also, back somewhere around 1996 or so I once used Internet Explorer on an emulated mac, running on my Amiga. That's a few thousand hipster points before hipsters even existed, hell before I could even grow a decent beard too.

Comment Did they also ground a flight? (Score 5, Interesting) 97

Saw some anger against Lizard Squad on Twitter, and after looking into it, I'm not sure but it certainly appears that they called in a bomb threat on a flight the Sony CEO (or some other bigwig, I forget) was taking, and ended up getting it grounded. There's some other claims about them being based in the so called Islamic State in Iraq, challenging FBI agents to come and get them.

Comment Re:Haha, nobody will do this. (Score 2) 208

I also decided not to buy BF4, and have been playing Battlefield as part of a clan since BF2 was popular, every game and every expansion pack. I joked to my friends that I would be back for Battlefield 5 in around 12 months time. When Hardline was revealed, I realised I would probably never return to Battlefield.

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