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Comment Re:I don't believe anything I read (Score 1) 595

The article is talking about online market share, i.e. percentage of browsers going to websites, not percentage of new computers purchased in the marketplace.

I work for an e-commerce site that seems to track the average pretty closely. Windows as a whole is at 91.09% of our browsers, of which 74.09% is XP and 23.51% is Vista. Mac is at 7.98%. Last November, that number was 5.87%, which is a 35.9% increase in total Mac browsers in 1 year! In the same period, Linux has gone from 0.41% to 0.62%, an increase of about 51.2%

Colbert New Comic-in-Chief 939

scottzak writes "Hail to the Chief! Stephen Colbert addressed the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday (attended by the President, the elite of Washington politics, and the White House Press Corps) and told the truth. Jaws dropped. Eyes popped. The live audience gasped. Scalia laughed his ass off. You want to see a brilliant comic display some real courage? Look no further. Enjoy the reaction shots, and Colbert's audition for Press Secretary job." The BBC covers the act just prior to Mr. Colbert's, where the President and a look-alike took turns making fun of his speaking skills.

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