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Comment Creating MP3-CD's from M4A's fixed? (Score 1) 252

I hope they fix the bug where creating an MP3-CD to listen to in the car from an album I bought in iTunes in M4A format is a two-step process... I filed a report a couple years ago on it. It is silly that I have to convert the M4A's to MP3's first, then add only the duplicated MP3's to a playlist, burn that playlist, then delete the playlist and only the MP3 versions of the songs from my library. I've had an instance where I accidentally deleted a purchased track thinking it was an MP3 that I was cleaning up.

Comment More information (Score 3) 85

Thanks for all the helpful comments (even you, "let me google that for you" guy)!

We have a requirement that all board meetings have to be recorded for two reasons -- one, so the minutes can be derived from the recording, and two, open records requests by the public to hear the meeting audio. Recordings have to be kept for a certain period, and I was hoping to automate the boxes and boxes of old tapes we have sitting around (by keeping X previous recordings and dropping the oldest ones automatically when their expiration date comes).

Before "let me google that for you" guy Googled it for me I read an article on doing this with Pulseaudio, but I am more in the market for a commercial solution for capturing and streaming the audio. It has to work every time without technical assistance, and while there are some areas where I am comfortable rolling my own solution, this is not one of them. Now, for the receiving piece running on a server in the datacenter I am open to a more customized solution.

I found a product from Barix called the Exstreamer 500 for about $600 at Pro Audio Gear. Does anyone have any experience with Barix devices? It appears that it can either stream the audio over a built-in Shoutcast server or record directly to a USB key. If streaming over a private VLAN to a non-internet-connected server is deemed too risky by mgmt, then at the very least the recordings could be uploaded from the USB key (maybe along with the manual transcription and/or minutes) after the meeting.

Thanks again for all your suggestions! I knew someone out there had to have done this before me.

Submission + - Recording streaming audio on an intranet? 2

dousette writes: "I have been tasked with modernizing our company's board room. Replacing the overhead projector with a more modern LCD projector is a no-brainer, speakers are easy enough to wire off of the HDMI projector, but one of the requirements that has me stumped is the recording of minutes. The existing system uses wired microphones connected to a cassette player, and what I would love to replace this with are some sort of Ethernet microphone that could stream directly to a Windows file share. Does such an animal exist? Do you have any other suggestions for the room that I might be missing?"

Comment Re:Be very careful dude! (Score 1) 271

You're living at home, minding your own business and playing lots of computer games - then you go and solve some really hard math puzzle. Next thing you know, you're billions of light years from earth on a broken down starship, with no way to get home and lots of people trying to kill you! It's not worth it...

And then two seasons in you get stranded out there FOREVER!

Comment Re:no one who plays WoW will comment here (Score 1) 218

they are all busy playing

therefore, if my understanding of the Slashdot demographic is correct, there will be a total of 22 comments in this thread all day, and all of them will by non WoW players commenting how much WoW sucks

...or from non-WoW-playing employees wondering where their "sick" coworkers are today.

Timothy, I'm looking at you.


Submission + - Retrofitting an older computer with TPM

dousette writes: "Having a TPM chip installed in your computer is becoming more and more common now, and while there are several negative uses of the chip (i.e. DRM), there are also a few positive ones (i.e. tying your removable hard drive to your machine). What are the options to retrofit your existing computer with a TPM chip? I did a quick Google search for "tpm pci card" and did not turn up much."

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