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Classic Games (Games)

New Oddworld Games In Development 36

Game developer Just Add Water announced today that the Oddworld series, dormant since 2005, will be getting multiple new titles in the near future. Quoting: "... for the past 12 months we have been working extremely closely with the fantastic people at Oddworld Inhabitants, from what started off as brief discussions in June 2009, to now working on multiple projects, across multiple platforms. Whilst we cannot go into specifics right now, we can tell you that over the coming weeks and months we will be announcing these exciting projects starring all of your favorite Oddworld characters."

Simple CMS For Mixed Mac/Windows Team? 119

Quasar Sera writes "I am looking for a content and/or project management solution for a marketing research team using both Macs and PCs. Ideally it would support document sharing, metadata/tags, search capabilities, revision control, and the ability to share documents easily with people from outside the team without any software installation or login required. It may be tricky to configure (since I will be doing that) but must be dead simple to use for the rest of the team. We rely mostly on Word, Powerpoint, and Excel (all in their native file formats) for our work, so it would be a large number of fairly small files. Any and all advice would be appreciated."

Comment cheap ass soho vendor (Score 1) 618

If I were to read between the lines, I would think this is a SOHO vendor trying to figure out to get enterprise features on an ephemeral budget. Maybe wave the magic "linux" wand and it will all get better. If your time has value, then I'd suggest picking up a fortigate 60b and a copy of Windows Small Business Server. Add the free Windows deployment services and that takes care of PXE booting across the network and setup some logmein accounts and you're done in an afternoon. On the other hand, if your time has no value, maybe you'd consider running vyatta or pfsense and ClearOS. Or if your time has negative value, you'd could piece things together yourself. Let me introduce you to OpenLdap. Meh. Or maybe it's not that negative, rather you want to learn the cutting edge and this is a learning experience, how about Fedora and the FreeIPA project, which with 2.0 will likely become the defacto standard for identity management on linux. Course doing it all in one box can get a little tough at times, but whatever. Good luck. Thanks, Doug

Comment Re:Notebook and Webcam/Camera Phone and OneNote (Score 1) 569

>for Linux that match the functionality?

In short, No.

The text editor in Gnote or Tomboy looks similar and works sorta like Onenote, but that's where the similarities end.

Onenote automagically OCRs screenshots into searchable text. The ability to add any attachment is entirely too useful.

I work with technical documents that are almost entirely delivered in pdf. PDF is such a shitty format for actual reading. It's like marketing runs the engineering and technical writing departments. Print to OneNote helps with this quite a bit, especially the OCR part. As an aside, I do most reading on an e-ink device anymore and just convert the pdf's to mobipocket format -- it works about as well as you'd expect, so I'll occasionally have to reference the original. I do most of my note taking on the ereader and then upload those notes back into Onenote along with the original pdf.

As some of the other posters have indicated, you can use the mic on you're laptop while note taking to record the lecture audio, Onenote is supposedly even able to convert that to text as well, but I've not tried much.

I don't get some of the other posts about using equation editors. Paper and pencil is still a far superior medium for this. Plus anyone taking notes in a math class is mostly missing the point.

Until about three months ago, I used to take all of my notes with a text editor and screenshots. I used the filesystem to organize my screenshots, pdfs and notes together. It turned out to be far more efficient to just use OneNote, plus I can search _everything__too.

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