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Comment Re:hey (Score 1) 80

Good strategy to throttle spam ;)

No doubt. I'll tell you something, I am so damn sick and tired of looking at my IDS/snort logs and seeing IP addresses from China. I swear 75% are from there ... and it is a safe bet that another 15% are spoofed/botted but really originated there.

I'm about ready to just start blacklisting the whole damn country.

On another note, anybody else seeing a huge uptick in SIP/VOIP port attacks recently?

Comment Re:but but but THE MARKET PLACE!!! (Score 1) 684

I know your comment is sarcasm/satire ... but seriously, those that use the "free market" argument for justifying H1-B are so ideologically blind it is horrifying. There is NOTHING free market about H1-B system. It is the exact opposite. It is socialist and protectionist policy, but not for the citizens of the country ... rather CORPORATIONS. It is CORPORATE socialism!

Comment Re:CrashPlan? (Score 1) 611

I use Crashplan too. It is free, easy, and here is the key ... easily implements redundancy. The whole point is you can backup to multiple "destinations". It has Mac, Windows, Linux, and Solaris clients. One of the cool things I do is run it headless on my Linux server. I can log into the GUI remotely using port forwarding from my Mac. Here is my backup scheme: Mac: a) Directly connected USB drive (which has 2 partitions ... I use one partition for Time Machine and one for Crashplan. This is my main/most important machine w/ pics, music, movies, documents, etc.). b) To my Linux file server. The file server is ClarkConnect (a Redhat/CentOS based Linux distro that does a bunch of cool things by the way). c) To my work laptop. Runs XP. Work laptop (WinXP): a) To my Mac. b) To my Linux file server. Netbook (running Win7): a) To my Linux file server (I hardly keep anything unique/important on it). Linux file server (ClarkConnect): a) To my friends file server. I let him use my Linux file server in return. b) My parents computer. They don't even know it. They use their ridiculously overpowered Dell with Vista as a "super magic email device" and Solitaire machine. I put in an extra big honking HD when they got ...and installed free Crashplan. It hums along quietly without them even noticing.

The White House Crowd Control Manual 162

quizzicus writes "The Washington Post writes today about a sensitive White House document detailing how to screen for, silence, and remove protesters who show up at the President's public appearances. Obtained by an ACLU subpoena in the Rank v. Jenkins case, the Presidential Advance Manual (PDF) is dated October 2002. It lays out strategies such as searching audience members at the door for hidden protest material, strategically placing 'rally squads' throughout the crowd to intercept and shout down hecklers, and forcefully removing dissenters who cannot be squelched. The manual advises, however, that staff should 'decide if the solution would cause more negative publicity than if the demonstrators were simply left alone.'"

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