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Comment Re:Open letter (Score 1) 170

One can argue that the very fact that when you type google.com into the browser you're automagically redirected to google.fr is actually doing exactly what France wants it too. Otherwise it better start closing it's borders and locking down the grey market lines too. After all here's an example of a company doing everything possible to comply with local laws by producing a personalised product for that country.

It's a first visit soft redirect, if you go to Google.com anyway that will stay your new default, and is also serving results personalized for your country, with local ads sold by local Google office. It is a product Google is delivering and selling in France, and then has to follow French law too.

To follow the law Google would just have to geo-target the right to be forgotten on search results served within EU regardless of what domain the EU user is going to (as they already do with the search results and ads). That Google just implemented it on .fr is an obvious protest against a law they didn't like in the first place.

Comment Re:Should've used protection. (Score 5, Interesting) 503

Instead of simply looking down on and being mean to those people, wouldn't it be better to give them a "test for WiFi allergy", wherein wifi is randomly enabled or shut off and they have to indicate how they're feeling? When it's done you show them that they did no better than random and thus aren't allergic. Then they feel they're not being treated as an idiot, yet also feel that they've been tested for it and shown not to have it - even if they choose to believe that such an allergy can exist. Even if this only gets a fraction of these people to stop complaining, it's a win, right?

This has already been done in multiple studies. People claiming allergy/sensitivity to WiFi, or nearby mobile network transmitters, have in experiments only had symptoms when they believed the transmitter was on, regardless of when the transmitter was actually on (source).

But, the human mind is good at rationalizing away such results if you already are convinced. You have a similar situation with a lot of people even here on Slashdot claiming they can easily hear the difference between lossless music formats and a quality 320 kbps lossy codec encoding, when all the double blind tests shows otherwise.

Comment Re: Windows 7 (Score 1) 360

Safari is lost in the noise, Chrome barely over 20%, and IE8 at well over 10%? Those figures are laughable, presumably because whatever data sets they use are heavily biased. And they still don't think Edge has a significant share of the market.

Not same AC but if you are not seeing significant IE8 in your numbers you might be the one with a biased dataset, it is still default in a lot of huge corporations (I work in a 40,000 people company and only a few of us working online roles are allowed to use anything other than IE8, and if we do some of the intranet systems don't work)

Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 1) 225

As long as Samsung makes enough money to stay in business and continue selling phones, their customers should be happy to get 'the latest stuff' while Apple trails behind.

Unless you're a hooker who works out of a hotel in Cupertino, or an Apple employee, it's just weird to be so elated that Apple sells a trailing edge product at a jacked up price.

I too have never understood why some Apple fans are so happy about having huge profit margins extracted from them. Unless the criticism of Samsung having too low profit is actually some sort of passive aggressive envy of their devices giving more bang for the buck for the users.

Comment Re:Taxis = artificial barriers to competition (Score 1) 204

Do the cabs there have medallions? Do the Uber drivers need commercial insurance like cab drivers need? Do the cabs have cameras in them, and if so, what about Uber drivers? Could we just get rid of the requirements that cabs have so they can better compete against Uber?

If you want gypsy taxis (like Uber legally is) then this is the right answer. Not to let Uber skip on requirements put on others, but drop all requirements on all.

Comment Re:Pao Wants "Safe Spaces" for Shills and Ideologu (Score 1) 385

wow.. if you have been following GG from the start, it takes some mental gymnastics to shift this onto "the opposition". You are claiming that none of the GG people made any female centric criticism first? They where all focused on the male perpetrator of unethical game journalism until the opposition made it into a female issue? Really?

Comment Re:First grab (Score 2) 157

I don't understand this analysis. Why are you showing "profit" as being equal to gross for some stakeholders (Composers, writers, performers), but as only 5% of gross for others (labels and platforms)? And, furthermore, what's up with "estimating" the profit margin at a single number, and then applying that same number to two very different operations (labels vs. platforms)? That looks quite strange.

The whole focus on "share of profit" in this scenario is one big misdirection. It is of no interest what profit record labels have if their cost level is out of control vs their income and value. The record labels need to seriously adapt their cost levels to a new reality. They've had an extreme golden age in the decades of the CD, but now reality is different, as it was before.

Comment Re:I'm amazed (Score 1) 169

I jsut don't get why all the people that will make streaming more popular than downloading are ignoring the obvious downsides of streaming vs. local storage: 1) You can't listen to your music when you dont have an active internet connection.

On Spotify you easily can and I do it all the time, just mark your playlist as offline.

2) You're basically paying regularly/multiple times to hear the same music you could just pay for/download once.

Well, yeah, but the sum of what I pay for my music use is so much lower than with downloads and CDs, so why does that matter? And as a bonus I have no monetary reasons to limit discovery of new music, explore shared playlists, let friends add whatever they like to the playlist when they are over, etc.

Comment Re:Can't DRM or Root Kit Vinyl (Score 1) 278

Yeah, but if you copy vinyl onto any other medium you risk losing that warm, rich sound you get from telling other hipsters how fragrant your farts smell.

Although you were going for funny, the evidence (double blind tests + science) is that the warm rich analogue sound from LP carries perfectly over to digital recordings when ripped from LP source. Because it is an artifact of LP medium technical limitations and playback distortions, perfectly captured by digital reproductions.

Comment Re:Sounds Better? (Score 3, Interesting) 433

I don't have a horse in either race, but I'm curious - Have any blind studies been done to determine if vinyl does indeed sound better? My audiophile father-in-law would tell you HD-CD sounds better than vinyl, but I don't have the ears to tell either way...

Yes. These are from my days of reading high-end hi-fi magazines that don't have the content online, so I don't have links, but one of the more definitive double blind studies proved that people who claimed they preferred the LP sound over CD (including both "golden ear" audiophiles and professional sound people) indeed were able to reliably identify and prefer the LP sound in controlled double blind experiments. But, when the same experiment compared with CD-R recorded from LP as source, they were not able to identify the difference at all. CD-R from LP as source was equally preferred over CD as LP.

This corresponds exactly with the science of the technical characteristics of the two technologies, signal theory and human hearing. The "warm, analogue" LP sound carried perfectly over to the CD-R, as it is distortion characteristics of LP playback that CD is perfectly able to replicate (Nyquist theorem).

HDCD is a different discussion. I was myself a HDCD supporter in my (luckily now behind me) audiophile days. But HDCD mainly sounded better because the mastering was better, not because of technical specs of the format. HDCD productions took greater care with quality of mastering, not at least avoiding the overuse of dynamic compression.

Comment What browser apps need.. (Score 5, Insightful) 195

..is to not have a backspace ruin everything you just did just because you didn't have the focus you thought you had (Chrome!). And to work offline as good as online. Take email as an example. I really like using travel time to catch up on, reply to and delete email. But often travel time does not have internet access (train, plane). For now, email clients are superior to web email because of this.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 3, Insightful) 294

Not really fair to immediately disregard the quality of the WiFi connection. It could be well in excess of the ISP connection.

I have a 40/20 mbps broadband, and independent local non-ISP speed tests give the same result on WiFi as ethernet, around 37-38/18-19 mbps. But, I do agree that if you get shitty results, you should try to rule out that shitty WiFi is the reason.

Comment Re:can we have ONE non-dumbed down GUI please? (Score 1) 184

FSVO "smoothly". I question whether you've ever run full-fat Windows 7 on an Atom, especially in situations where antivirus is mandatory.

I've been running "full-fat" Windows 7 on an Atom D510 in my Shuttle XS35GT media center PC for more than 3 years. Still runs fine, with MSE AV always on. Only thing it struggles with is some of the more demanding 1080P video files, 720P is always fine (but this is likely more due to graphic chip than processor).

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