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Comment Re:They never really wanted it to work (Score 1) 473

I dare say Dell would love to get away from their abusive spouse.

I dont think that a company would love to stay away from the money, companies simply try solutions for other markets, but when the other markets are not profitable, they forget that markets.

Companies have been waiting, and giving opportunities to introduce Linux/Unix OS to the End User market, but always failed. The platform is not ready yet, maybe its closer than ever, but its not ready and accept that, dont blame Microsoft. Arent you supposed to understand complex things? why you cant process the simple fact that people buy what works and dont buy Crap?

Comment Re:They never really wanted it to work (Score 1) 473

Yeah right, its an evil conspiracy. Dont you get it people? Did you read that manufacturers receive 4x more returns on Linux netbooks? You know why? Simple: Average users have a life, and dont want to spend all day trying to make their computers work, and when they upgrade, then spend endless hours again, thats ridiculous. Thats why manufacturers are pulling linux, even walmart tried it, but its foolish. No evil conspiracy whatsoever, just businesss and money, that what moves the world, not idealism. Period

Comment Re:No business in Ubuntu (Score 2, Interesting) 473

"Microsoft to destroy it with windows"? Lol thats hillarious. Guess that nothing more could be expected from a limited brain. The netbook market got dominated by Microsoft simply because it works. Personally I have 4 netbooks, I bought one with linux but it was a hell to make things to work. From incompatibilities on opening documents to Flash crashing, etc. I just installed windows and voila! I dont want to spend hours surfing the web researching how to fix things or make things work, I just want to turn it on and start using it, thats all. And Im not a novice computer user, Im a software developer and Im not amused to get dirty, but I simply decided to have a life. Sources: http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/10/05/123253 http://gizmodo.com/5058953/linux-netbooks-are-returned-4x-more-than-win-xp-versions-says-msi

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