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GNU is Not Unix

Journal dosquatch's Journal: Par Wars: The Mediocrity Continues

It's the six-week mark on my "switch" to Linux (specifically Ubuntu) from MS Windows. I have my machine set to dual-boot, but I've been spending most of my time in Ubuntu. I also have a set of nifty sounding instructions that explain how I can boot my windows partition as a VM inside of Ubuntu... but I can't quite get this to work. Mind you, I haven't gone after this hard-core yet.

In fact, honestly, I haven't really gone after any of the underlying machinery hard-core. At the moment I've been quite happy to float on the surface of Gnome like a dumb and happy user, clicking the pretty things. As long as it's working, you know?

Part of the reason is that I hate to guinea-pig on my live machine. It never leads to happy places. I need to set up a machine to abuse. Err, use as a test sled.

On the whole, though, things are pleasant. I wish there was something outstandingly Earth-shattering to report one way or the other, but no, just a different form of status quo.

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Par Wars: The Mediocrity Continues

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