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Journal dosquatch's Journal: Ubun2: Return of the Sith

Ahh, the wiki-spelunking continues. I have my DVDs playing again. I still haven't found an MP3 jukebox that I'm really comfortable with, but that's not a huge deal - one will turn up. Or somebody will respond with a half-dozen suggestions. Whatever, it's all good.

I'm still in the market for good spyware and AV products. I found something in the synaptic manager that said it was Antivirus, but I can't for the life of me figure out where the application went when it "installed". Or, for that matter, where most of these applications go when they insall. Or where the icons on the "Applications" menu live, or how to edit them.

Sure, when something installs it (usually) puts an icon somewhere in the menu, and I can hide icons using Alacarte, but Alacarte doesn't seem to offer a way to create a new folder and/or move icons from one folder to another. Some menu editor.

I'm starting to have sympathy for the Windows users I serve everyday. I follow some set of instructions, and things happen, but it might just as easily be BFM for as much as I understand what just happened.

And, as much as I was trying to eschew All Things Windows, I finally found the application that made me install wine... PokerStars. No Linux client from them, and I'm not giving up my poker. At least now I have some fragment of a directory structure that I know my way around. (insert Beavis laugh here)


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Ubun2: Return of the Sith

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