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Journal Journal: Birthdays

October 1st. This is first day of the Fiscal year. It is also slashdot's birthday. But last and not least, today is MY birthday! Ah yes, memories... i was fourteen when slashdot debuted. And I read it still to this day. That must say something... about _someone's_ maturity ;) Happy Birthday, /. ! Let's kick one back together! In Communist USSA, computer drink YOUR b33r !!!

Journal Journal: WINE

You know what really gets me going these days? (obviously on one cares, but for the _record_...) Whiny little Robitussen sipping scriptkiddie bitches that think they know all there is to know about Windows, or should I say, feel they have attained a level of karmic justification in slamming a large business of their 'business practices'. That just really floors me. I just read the article/posts to the recent debacle our Redmond fox is trying to dodge-the penalties of the EU courts. Well, guess what, sucks to be them. But I'm not in the least bit surprised. Business ethics are very grey these days. And we ALL have OUR own opinion, most feel relieved that the fox is getting chopped up for dinner, but the fox's momma ain't too happy 'bout it. Can't you brats whine about something more productive, like WTF nobody has invented a stable OS cabable of reaching the masses, with the necessary components to captivate their audiences for more than 5 minutes (before leading to the slaughter house) ? Annoying little fruit flies, I'm going to smite thee down with thy holy thumb! How about get off slashdot and go do some work on the killer Open Source app you're RANTING about in 5cR1p7k1dD13-speak, (which is probably due for class tomorrow morning -> the sun DOES rise, you know!) Bah, perhaps- methinks- I am too old fashioned...

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