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Nuclear Power Could See a Revival 415

shmG writes "As the US moves to reduce dependence on oil, the nuclear industry is looking to expand, with new designs making their way through the regulatory process. No less than three new configurations for nuclear power are being considered for licensing by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The first of them could be generating power in Georgia by 2016."
Data Storage

EXT4, Btrfs, NILFS2 Performance Compared 102

An anonymous reader writes "Phoronix has published Linux filesystem benchmarks comparing XFS, EXT3, EXT4, Btrfs and NILFS2 filesystems. This is the first time that the new EXT4 and Btrfs and NILFS2 filesystems have been directly compared when it comes to their disk performance though the results may surprise. For the most part, EXT4 came out on top."

Comment From Jesux: (Score 1) 427

"no other versions will be provided by default; we feel the KJV is the only English version that can be fully trusted" -ROTFL "Optionally disable logins on Sunday, the day of rest" -What about the Seventh Day Adventists? "No encryption provided; Christians have nothing to hide" -...Right. Lemme just go ahead and see your CC#'s, and SSN. Is that serious? I wonder how long tripod (lycos) will carry on?

What Bird Feathers and Beer Foam Have In Common 36

Rational Egoist writes "Researchers at Yale University have found that some of the brightest colors in bird feathers are created through structures similar in origin and composition to that of beer foam. Unlike with most colors in nature — which are produced by pigments — the bright blue colors of Bluebirds and Blue Jays are actually produced by sponge-like nanostructures. These structures are formed in quite the same way as beer foam. From the article: '[Researchers] compared the nanostructures to examples of materials undergoing phase separation, in which mixtures of different substances become unstable and separate from one another, such as the carbon-dioxide bubbles that form when the top is popped off a bubbly drink. They found that the color-producing structures in feathers appear to self-assemble in much the same manner. Bubbles of water form in a protein-rich soup inside the living cell and are replaced with air as the feather grows.'"

Comment Re:pointing fingers (Score 2, Insightful) 361

which, i believe is why the garbage in garbage out syndrome is affecting 'users'. I can't imagine what the 'QA/QC' is like involved in the development of the modeling software for financial sector. shouldn't it be as regulated as, perhaps, the nuclear industry? Or maybe nobody can maintain all those lines of COBOL...

Comment Snow Crash? (Score 1) 361

Isn't the system based on 'speculation' ? I suppose it's different when my broker misplaces a decimal point, versus a computer program that misplaces a decimal point for thousands of 'clients'. Technology might be a great thing for convenience, but it's certainly starting to show its limits in the scope of what humans expect from it.

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