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Comment Re:Only as safe as the sandbox (Score 2, Insightful) 167

Rust doesn't do anything magical to the security of programs written in it. Rust simply won't allow you to compile quite a lot of vulnerable programs that would be happily compiled by a C compiler, because the language is a lot stricter in terms of memory and thread safety.

Also, "safety" of Rust actually requires you to be rather more than less competent. There's a rather steep learning curve, less competent coders will struggle (and learn a lot in the process) just by trying to come up with a code that will be finally accepted by the compiler. Rust doesn't provide safety by holding your hand and doing stuff for you - it's more like a strict parent that sets up boundaries of how you can play, so you won't hurt yourself, but otherwise leaves you alone.

Of course it doesn't mean that you can't write vulnerable code in Rust. It's just a bit harder to do it by accident for some class of potential issues.

Comment Re:Seriously?? (Score 1) 154

That's why it wasn't considered when the protocol has been designed (and rightfully so), but it's great to see it as a later addition.

I have never used network transparency in X for any significant purpose, but it was great for quick hacks, especially when I had a smartphone running X.

Comment Re:Curious (Score 1) 69

If the existence of that ransomware would prevent you from installing Node, then you should also uninstall Python, Ruby, Visual Basic, Perl etc.

The only difference is that with node-webkit you usually get the interpreter bundled together with the application - and that actually, from user PoV, makes it no different than all the other apps written in C, C++, Rust, Delphi, Go etc.

Comment Re:Attack vector? (Score 2) 69

Download and run it. Just like lots of other trojans/ransomwares. It could have been written in Python, Ruby, Perl, whatever, there would be no difference. Someone just thought that the fact that it uses the same language that browsers happen to use for their scripting is somehow remarkable and news-worthy. It really isn't.

Comment Re:Dat's racist (Score 5, Insightful) 464

Great job at posting stuff out of context.

What he said was among the lines of "look, now it's happening also for a successful white man, you cannot ignore it like you did when they were beating up NIGGERS".

That's more like "stop belittling the problem with your racism, it's not about who is being beaten, it's about police". Of course given his situation, he was more focused on trying to show the police abuse than fighting the racism and without all these sudden emotions you would definitely find better words to use, but saying that he was racist in those posts is MASSIVE misinterpretation and cruelty.

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