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Submission + - Microsoft Wants Patent on Indentation

theodp writes: "Throw some text in a worksheet, make the columns small, and color the cells to denote a hierarchy. Like this. That, my friend, may constitute patent infringement for the next twenty years if the USPTO grants Microsoft the patent it's seeking for Minimizing Indenting (actual patent image). Just one more example of how Microsoft's lawyers are making the world a better place through more joyful and inclusive design."

Submission + - Comment on Blogs using Mobile Phones

jlsnet writes: "On JLSNet I have been discussing how intergrating Mobile Phone Text Messaging and Blogs would create an interesting combination. It could open up a whole new area of voting polls on blogs and allow people to comment while on the move.
I soon got hooked on looking at the possibility of making this work, and it did not take me too long to come up with a basic working solution. I wrote a tutorial to attempt to explain how I did this.
I used a Enfora SA GSM Modem and along with SQL2GSM Software was able to implement a simple forwarding rule, which, when a Text Message is recieved with a prefix of "blog", will interact with my WordPress Database to add a blog comment."

Submission + - Macrovisions Letter to Steve Jobs

Martix writes: To Steve Jobs and the Digital Entertainment Industry:

I would like to start by thanking Steve Jobs for offering his provocative perspective on the role of digital rights management (DRM) in the electronic content marketplace and for bringing to the forefront an issue of great importance to both the industry and consumers. Macrovision has been in the content protection industry for more than 20 years, working closely with content owners of many types, including the major Hollywood studios, to help navigate the transition from physical to digital distribution. We have been involved with and have supported both prevention technologies and DRM that are on literally billions of copies of music, movies, games, software and other content forms, as well as hundreds of millions of devices across the world.

Can Read more hear se_letter.shtml

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