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Submission + - Man grows back finger after applying "Pixie du ( 1

doomy writes: Mr. Lee Spievak, a sixty nine year old man who lost part of his finger in an accident was able to grow it back with help of a new medical breakthrough loving dubbed "Pixie dust". His brother, Alan Spievak, who works in the field of regenerative medicine supplied him with this almost magical powder. "Pixel Dust", scientifically called extra cellular matrix was created at the University of Pittsburgh through a process that involved scraping the cells from the lining of a pig's bladder and converting it into a sterilized dust. It took less than four weeks for Mr. Spievak to grow back his severed finger along with new nerves, tissues, skin and even a brand new finger nail. The whole process is documented graphically in this bbc video. The US military is also interested in this breakthrough and researchers hope that this dust would lead to tissue regrowth on entire limbs and organs. The dust is currently being tried out on a cancer patient to stimulate regrowth of healthy tissues in her cancerous esophagus.

Submission + - Linden Lab shuts down Second Life community forums

doomy writes: Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life metaverse, decided to shutdown all their community forums today (9/11/2006). Their reason for this was due to an inability to handle scaling of the forum software and moderation of posts. In return, they promise to communicate with the Second Life residents using an online corporate blog. The community reacted negatively to this news with fierce opposition. The forums were orginally set to be closed on the 8th of this month, but due to a security breach, where 660,000 resident's personal information and encrypted password details were stolen, the forum closure was delayed till 9/11.

The blog that Linden Lab is pushing as a replacement for their community forum, is seen by many residents as one sided communication. Also, it was found that any civil posts that were negative to Linden Lab were automatically removed and censored. Linden Lab has also stated that they will prosecute any negative posts on their blogs, by suspending in game accounts. Some residents believe these actions by Linden Lab, is a prelude to a sellout deal.

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