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Comment Re:30 years ago.... (Score 1) 294

Having worked on fully autonomous wheeled systems the requirements of the train system you describe sounds like a pleasure to work with because it is pretty well constrained. For the position problem you describe I recommend a properly tuned Extended Kalman Filter to automatically "calibrate the wheel diameter over the miles". It can even incorporate the intermittent GPS data to boot! There are alternative methods to this that may be worth consideration as well but this would be a good start. For more consult your friendly neighborhood robotics motion planning and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) textbooks, and research papers if you want the latest. I'm sure considering train requirements more proven technology that has been rigorous enough to make it into textbooks would be preferred.

Comment Not 2 but 2053 nuclear detonations (Score 1) 341

We didn't stop at 2 nuclear bombs, we stopped at 2053. If you haven't seen it yet this video illustrates the history of atomic bomb detonations perfectly: Presumably, they are trying to separate dropping nukes on people from dropping them elsewhere. The key difference here is that for every kiloton of carbon released into the air there is a quantifiable economic benefit, and that same carbon "hits" everyone with its negative effects as it circulates through the atmosphere for many years later. I will agree that both are discussed as human actions that could harm the entire world. Beyond that, the differences in time scales, deployment scale, costs, and benefits of releasing compounds that cause climate change versus detonating nuclear bombs and are so dramatic that the comment isn't useful at any level beyond a nice sounding catch phrase.

Comment Re:Damn! (Score 1) 1165

Its odd, how in your gun toting utopia, the USA, which has regular gun massacres, I'm aware of very few - if *any* instances of one of the concealed carry heroes actually stopping a massacres by shooting the nutter.

Probably because they realise that when push comes to shove - they aren't John Wayne (who was a draft dodging coward anyway), but rather pants pissing blowhards hiding as best as they can.

There was just one a month or two ago at Pittsburgh's western psychiatric institute. Someone simply walked into a lobby and opened fire. Two dead and seven injured before an officer shot and killed the shooter. How many would it be if everyone else in the area was unarmed? On the other hand how many would it be if the shooter was unable to obtain a gun? Food for thought.

Comment The Daily WTF (Score 3, Interesting) 182

This sounds like it belongs on So would anyone who writes copypasta look good according to these statistics? Would people who write short, carefully considered, effective, reusable code look bad? This type of application has the effect of forcing people to start optimizing their code to maximize the metrics, rather than working to produce an excellent product.

Comment Re:Mac OSX (Score 1) 742

If your kid is visiting websites which could give him viruses, then you really need to keep an eye on him.

I didn't turn on the internet filter once when I let my little cousin do some browsing, and he ended up with the flu for a week.

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