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Comment I tried, did I miss something? (Score 2) 103

I'd read a lot of good things about Arch, so I decided to give it a go a few months ago. I wanted to like it, I really did, but my experience over 3 ~ 4 hours was reminiscent of installing Slackware circa 2002. I don't want to have to know how to configure every package on my system from scratch, I want them to mostly work, and then be able to tweak them. I simply don't have the time for anything else. Maybe this just means Arch isn't for me, but it seemed that the install process was going out of it's way to make things as complicated as possible, a particular example was wpa_supplicant being selected for install by default, but not wireless-tools!

Did I miss something obvious that makes the whole process a lot easier, or is Arch just "like that"?

Comment Re:Talk about a knee-jerk reaction (Score 1) 685

It wasn't that they moved to unity...

For me the problem is precisely that they moved to Unity. Never mind the fact that it was clearly unfinished alpha quality software in it's first release, they fundamentally changed the default GUI with no warning. It was bad enough when they moved the default position of the window controls with no easy way of changing back, but a sudden switch from Gnome 2 to Unity is just ridiculous. My in-laws have a PC running Ubuntu and we've been keeping them on 10.04 so as not to confuse the hell out of them.

Comment Re:Same Deception (Score 1) 430

I'd have liked to see the test done with many more than 2 groups:

* real treatment, and told so
* real treatment, and not told anything
* real treatment, and told it's a placebo
* placebo, and told it's real
* placebo, and not told anything
* placebo, and told so
* no treatment

I'd also hazard a guess that the above list might be in order of effectiveness.

Comment Re:App Stores Dept. of Corrections? (Score 1) 241

Exactly the same way that Apple claimed the iPhone 2G radio hardware couldn't support MMS, despite the existence of SwirlyMMS. Also, not long after 3.1 came out, there was a hack to enable MMS on the 2G, and, surprise, surprise, it worked perfectly (apart from if your network detected you had a iPhone 2G and turned of MMS on your account).

Comment Re:64-bit?! (Score 1) 330

I've done this with an iBook plugged into the cassette input of an Amstrad CPC. It was actually surprising how much you could compress the MP3. I think I went down at least as low as 64kpbs (can't remember any of the other settings) and have programs still load.

Comment Re:My SSD died yesterday (Score 1) 467

<snip> I spent the extra time to convert my Gentoo install into a read-only drive that hosts everything except /var and /home, /etc and /tmp are located on ramdisks and /etc is copied up from another directory at boot.

<snip> I also used nilfs2 as it's filesystem, screwed up it's entry in /etc/fstab so the garbage collector never runs, and left a bunch of unallocated space at the end of the drive for wear leveling.

Not a single problem yet.

If you have to do all that to make an SSD reliable, I'd say they aren't reliable enough for normal consumer use yet. :)

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