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Comment Re:So..are blatent Slashvertisements a thing now? (Score 2) 67

Great post, except for the fact that the story is missing "(competing product)", "(bad attribute)", "(link to store)", and the part about "buying now, etc".

Seriously, I can't understand why you people can't just move on when you see a post that contains $PRODUCT. Yeah, maybe it slightly resembles an advertisement, and yeah, maybe it is something that might be targeted at "nerds", but do you seriously think that the /. editors are actively trying to convince you to buy this thing? Maybe it is just a cool new device that fills an interesting niche. Maybe the submitter or editor thinks it would strike up some interesting dialogue in the comments about the pros and cons of such a technology. Maybe they really are getting paid (as Whipslash so wonderfully put it) a truckload to post said story.


These things are hardly posted regularly, and if you don't like their content, you can easily hide said stories from view (or just ignore them). Why always bring this up? Why always complain about "slashvertisements"? Why can't you guys contribute to a topic like this without throwing it out as some sinister plot to undermine our wonderful commune with the heinous threat of capitalism?

Comment Re:It's okay, it's not a freedom of speech issue (Score -1, Troll) 371

The SJW's who say "A private company isn't obligated to respect your civil rights"

I think you have that backwards. The SJW types are usually the ones crying for more censorship and control, not less. No SJW would tell you that a private company isn't obligated to respect your civil rights. If anything, the would seek to crush any business that doesn't conform to their hyper-progressive worldview.

Comment Re:See you at -1! (Score 1) 127

one of the great achievements of modern society is that we have developed a culture that shows some level of consideration to even the weakest members of society.

some level of consideration to even the weakest members of society.

I'd say our biggest problem is that we have shown too much consideration to those who choose to be offended and upset by even the most mundane of things. Reality hardens an individual. While we may not all be ready to be soldiers on the front lines, I would think it reasonable to expect a human being to be able to maintain some degree of sanity after being exposed to some of the darker truths of this world.

Comment Re:University of Minnesota (Score 2) 111

What is the point of such shameless hostility? How is this not a valid research topic? They have shown marked differences in how subjects perceive what should essentially be the same display of emotion by which mobile platforms they use. This has hefty implications on modern sociology, including the ability to predict how subjects may react to the same exact message based solely on their choice of phone.

A joke? Why does something that doesn't interest you have to be labeled as "a joke"?

What you should really be asking is how your comment passes as a valid addition to the discussion. That is the true "joke".

Comment Re:Let 'em go. (Score 1) 503

If Donald Trump had taken the million dollars he was give by his father and just invested it in a S&P index fund, he'd be worth $10,000,000,000 more than he is right now.

Why is kind of sentiment always modded up? If any person on the planet had insider knowledge about the performance of the stock market for the next 30 years, they could become wildly rich as well.
You realize that your point is essentially saying "if Trump were a mind-reader, he'd be better off!"
No shit.

Comment Re:Seen this before? (Score 4, Interesting) 95

At the personal tech. level, however, not even the pretense of being FOSS-friendly is there.

Small steps, friend. As a "personal" user of Windows, as well as a developer, I can't tell you how excited I am to see the .Net framework open-sourced, Xamarin made free, Visual Studio given a powerful free version, and just the many other changes that have been made recently at the company. These have huge implications for the amount of small-scale, well functioning open-source projects that can start to exist for Windows now.

Yeah, Microsoft isn't quite matching RMS's level of enthusiasm for FOSS, either in the enterprise or on the personal computing level, but I think the behemoth has to move at a slow pace, at least for now, to shake off all the rust that has accumulated under Ballmer's reign. I like what I'm seeing so far, and I'm excited to see where it goes.

Comment Re:Most embarrassing revelations (Score -1) 48

I don't even understand what the implication is here. Is it that they should feel embarrassed for working at a startup? Or that they work on one of the more popular phone applications of our time? Are you just making some baseless jab with the hopes that someone will bite, laugh, and +1 Funny you, even if they don't understand why it was funny in the first place? Do you hold some personal vendetta against that company? Do you think of them or their product as "childish" or "beneath you"?

I really am interested in the reason(s).

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