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Comment Re:No Teachers (Score 1) 293

I think we will see more programs like Microsoft TEALS where an engineer partners with a local school teacher to teach computer science. A lot of companies such as HP allow you to count a certain amount of volunteer hours as working hours i.e. you're getting paid to volunteer!. If the local companies start jumping on board then we will see progress before people start retiring. Google's also offering this program CS4HS to train educators.

Comment Anyone remember VHS, LaserDiscs, and HD DVDs? (Score 1) 116

The problem is that the physical media formats still are continuously changing with no guarantees of backwards compatibility. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm not buying Lion King on VHS, DVD and BluRay "remastered" or not. The average consumer doesn't have the money to keep up. It makes sense that PriceWaterhouse Cooper is predicting only a small segment of the population will be driving the sales.

Comment Good news... (Score 2) 257

I'm all for more funding for researching new cutting edge technology but Whitman is going about it the wrong way. HP is laying off remote workers instead of the "dead weight" that routinely performs more poorly than their peers. What people don't understand is that remote workers at HP usually are stellar employees that had have to relocate due to some life event. Otherwise the possibility of remote work isn't even entertained. To cut the remote workers first, HP is taking themselves out before the competition does.

Comment Re:Be there for him... (Score 1) 125

A good manager knows how to motivate this employees to do their work well without the manager stepping in and doing the work for them. I say ease into it and shows him the ins-and-outs of how you do things, but be ready for his own opinions especially if he's had more training than you. Ultimately you have to be a team player and learn to let go more, but s/he is still a rookie and as a manager you do have a right to check in on his/her progress.

Comment Re:I'm in CS grad school and we don't use textbook (Score 1) 247

Not all MS programs are made equal. I'm in MS program for one of the top CS programs in the country. We don't use textbooks and PhD and MS students share the same classes. My program is heavily research-oriented rather than class-oriented. This is probably due to my grad program being heavily populated by PhD students where MS students are a tiny population. There are more class-oriented MS degrees that are basically an extension of a BS program, but obviously more specialized.

Comment Re:Making a Safer World... (Score 1) 342

It's not exactly hard to post on slashdot. My dad was 36 when my mom had me. Compare that with one of my co-workers who had his first kid at 15. Sure my co-worker said he had the energy to play basketball with his kids later on, but he was still a kid himself. A parent role is more than just being young and energetic. I am not energetic at any age, but I want to be experienced enough to where my children can benefit from my wisdom. I also want to be financially stable which means pushing parenthood into my 30s.

Comment Re:You don't need a college degree .. (Score 2) 287

Nowadays this would be hard for the millennial generation where some folks work pro bono for some hope of getting a position later on. There is more competition for the real tech industry now. Why take a chance on the person with no degree when you have so many with degrees to pick from? Most companies don't recuperate their losses on hiring someone until after he or she has worked for them for at least two years.

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