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Comment Re:People? (Score 2) 78

LLVM won't compile Fortran 200x. Intel does provide a Fortran compiler, but it's buggy as shit and poorly supported. GFortran is a high-quality product and an absolute god-send for many in the high-performance computing community.

Comment Electrically-coupled counterweight (Score 1) 248

Many posts suggest doing away with the cable by putting the motor on the elevator car; but this overlooks the fact that the elevator needs to be connected to a counterweight for efficiency reasons.

However, here's a thought: you put motors on the elevator *and* the counterweight. As the elevator goes up, the counterweight goes down and uses its motors as generators to partly power the elevator's motors. And vice versa.

Sure, you're not going to break even due to electrical losses; but it'll be a damn sight better than no counterweight.

Comment Re:never mix science and politics (Score 1) 282

Another dimension to consider what a politician says publicly and what they do privately. The joke about northern and southern racists comes to mind -- a southern racists won't mind a minorities stay near him as long as they don't become uppity; the northern racist won't mind minorities become uppity as long as they don't stay near him.

So, the false choice of people saying things is not enough (though saying the wrong things is of concern) -- there should be some action along the lines too. However, it looks like the red team versus blue team stuff is managed by a team (actually multiple teams) with a lot of green. It may sound like giving up, but societal changes are very tough -- and the problem of climate change is too big and the viable solutions have a lot of impact... It may be something over which there will be a lot of geopolitical problems that will arise.

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