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Comment End of Cycle? (Score 1) 3

Linux just don't have a good marketing strategy... Its a good, stable, and most of all free. Linux has to try to differentiate somehow. Like Android right? Now from phones to netbooks. Linux just needs to get their goals right.

Submission + - Oracle and Apple to join forces in OpenJDK project

CheerfulMacFanboy writes: According to The H "Apple plans to contribute to the OpenJDK project and has joined forces with Oracle to create an open source Java implementation for Mac OS X. After IBM in October, Apple is the second Java protagonist to join Oracle's efforts to promote the OpenJDK. The decision also indicates a shift in Apple's Java strategy, as it means that the vendor has – with or without intention – complied with a petition by Java enthusiasts to hand over its Java components to the OpenJDK project." Unless of course that was Apple's plan all along.

Submission + - Firefox 4 Beta for Mobile Now Faster and Sleeker (

An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla has released Beta 2 of Firefox 4 for Mobile. Some notable improvements over the initial beta release include 'reduced memory usage, improved text rendering and a 60% install size reduction on Android (from around 43 MB to 17 MB).' Mozilla also makes mention that 'actions like panning and zooming are faster and smoother, and page load times are reduced from our previous beta. On Android 2.2, we’re now around 25% faster on the SunSpider Javascript benchmark than the stock browser.' A future beta release will enable GL acceleration, which should further improve the performance of the browser.

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