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Comment Re:Just do it the other way around (Score 2) 332

For instance, suppose you need to run a regexp function over the 12nd column of a matrix; usually I save data as a CSV, cat file.csv | perl -ne '@a=split/,/; $tmp = $a[11]; .... ' > new_file.csv, load the new CSV, check for errors, debug, repeat... sometimes is just a one-time task I need to do.

You should have a look at awk, it's exactly the kind of job it was made for.

Comment Re:Windows 8 is not a big deal. (Score 1) 570

But not nearly as good as most of the alternatives, if you want it to work like Win 7. If you still long for the days of XP and earlier, though, then go for it.

Ars Technica has tested some of them here:

Comment Re:Call Centres (Score 3, Informative) 242

They do exist. See this video:

This interview explains a bit about the technology, mainly what the constraints are in terms of PPI:

More on colour displays:

Mobile phones:

Matrix and segmented displays:

Comment Re:Culture (Score 1) 366

A nice essay, however it has nothing to do with being able to convince a team to write good code.

Not directly, no. But sometimes (often) it's management you need to convince first, and in that case this is a good way to go about it.

As for the rest, I absolutely agree: If the team isn't motivated then that's the place to start.

Comment Re:Advice from a DAE veteran (Score 1) 330

The differences lie in ripping speed, error correction handling, caching, lead-in/-out awareness and so on. Yes, the final result should sound the same, but one drive may be able to do it much faster than another (despite having the same speed rating), especially with poor quality discs.
One thing that's important in a drive, if you're serious about it, is whether it can read the lead-in and lead-out. Some CDs actually have sound there and without a drive that knows how to handle it, the rip won't really be complete. It's not terribly common for CDs to do this, but it does happen.

Comment Re:Bring back 4:3 aspect ratio+full-layout keyboar (Score 1) 661

Frankly, this is something I've never understood. I mean, I've got a bloody netbook (a Dell Latitude 2110) with a mostly-normal keyboard, yet even 15" or bigger consumer laptops have absolutely crazy keyboard layouts with the keys all over the place, or, as you say, even missing.
It's almost as if they try to make them as user-hostile as possible.

Comment Re:What a bunch of douche bags (Score 2) 273

Besides that, anyone that thinks they can run a company with this business model and survive is a business moron, or a scam artist trying to make a quick buck. This is 90's dotcom level idiocy at it's finest. Unlimited storage for $5/mo? Unlimited bandwidth too I guess? Completely 100% unsustainable.

Seems like it's you that's the business moron, as they're actually profitable. And until that $5M funding they got this year, they had been growing entirely through that profit. You can find all the details on their blog somewhere.
Also, they're not the only ones to do this. There's also CrashPlan (and others I assume) that offer essentially the same thing at about the same price.

Comment Re:1366x768 (Score 3, Interesting) 382

Let me introduce you to the Dell UltraSharp monitors:

High-quality IPS panels that can be adjusted every which way. 24" and smaller can pivot as well.

Not terribly expensive, and if you buy them on Amazon etc. they're usually a good deal cheaper.

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