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Comment Re:where can i sign with them? (Score 2) 36

Click on the big question mark on the top left corner:

If you are already a member of the Honeynet Project, you can just publish your captures to hpfeeds and they will automatically show up on this map. If you are not a member, you can run your own copy of this map on your own server. Code is on GitHub (LGPL license).

Comment RUN FOR YOUR LIVES (Score 1, Offtopic) 351

I'm currently trying to learn the WPF in C# for a project and it just makes my life difficult! The combination of MVC, XML, LINQ and routed events just broke my ability to do real programming. You will really find yourself spend hours trying to do simple tasks and end up hacking up some weird solutions that will make your project into spaghetti code (talking about large projects at least).

Comment Re:Cryptography? (Score 2) 165

But P=NP will not help you crack anything.

IANAC but just what I remember from my CS degree, factorization is NP-complete, if it can be simplified to polynomial then maybe it's easier to crack something (public key systems that rely on the complexity of factorization like RSA) ? Shor's algorithm that works on a quantum computer does make it polynomial and it says in the link that it will have major implications to security schemes that rely on factorization (such as RSA).

I wonder if this movie is related to that (transforming sand to glass could be relevant to how Shor transformed the problem using the quantum Fourier transform)

Comment Re:Advice: Overuse of the Red Channel in Colors (Score 1) 285

OTOH red/green is more soothing at night when you are using your Desktop for something entertaining other than work. As said somewhere (search google) blue is brighter at night and is causing your system to produce less melatonin which is a hormone for sleep. It may also increase the risk of cancer!

There are already interfaces that allow you to change your OS theme. What I would like however, is a theme that will change according to the time of the day/night and/or the task I am doing to help my health and efficiency.

Comment His job (FTA) (Score 1) 434

Said Brennan's father, also John Brennan, when reached by KATU News Tuesday night: "This is quite a shock. He hasn't been under any stress that I know of. He's never really under any stress. He works for a computer company in California. He does something with the Internet, which is just kind of mystical to me. This is quite a surprise."

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