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Comment European hi-tech projects - track record (Score -1) 194

Too bad the Superconducting Super Collider was cancelled here in the States. I highly doubt we would have had so many issues and delays. The "trains would have run on time" Whenever I hear of exciting projects like these that are European led or international collaboration (U.S./E.U.) I become deeply concerned of debilitating cost overruns or technical failures. Happens almost everytime. Mars Beagle, Cassini Huygens, LHC - to name a few examples.

Proposed NASA Mission Would Sail the Seas of Titan 197

The BBC has a report on a proposal that will be submitted to NASA for funding — a mission to Saturn's moon Titan that would deposit a lander on its hydrocarbon sea. (We recently discussed the widely-circulated photo of sunlight glinting off one of Titan's seas.) "The scientific team behind the idea is targeting Ligeia Mare, a vast body of liquid methane sited in the high north of Saturn's largest moon. ... 'It is something that would really capture the imagination,' said Dr Ellen Stofan, from Proxemy Research, who leads the study team. 'The story of human exploration on Earth has been one of navigation and seafaring, and the idea that we could explore for the first time an extraterrestrial sea I think would be mind-blowing for most people,' she told BBC News. ... The Titan Mare Explorer (TiME) has already been under study for about two years. It is envisaged as a relatively low-cost endeavor — in the low $400m range. It could launch in January 2016, and make some flybys of Earth and Jupiter to pick up the gravitational energy it would need to head straight at the Saturnian moon for a splash down in June 2023."

Submission + - Nintendo dominates hardware and software sales for

dolphin558 writes: "Article

The latest NPD sales figures show continuing dominance for Nintendo as the GBA outsells Sony's PS3 — but its predecessor, PlayStation 2, is still doing better than Xbox 360. NPD data for April reveals that at the Nintendo DS is at the top of the pile with 471,000 units sold. The supply-constrained Wii shifted 360,000 units. Nearer the bottom of the hardware market is Sony's recently released PlayStation 3 which has sold 82,000 units in the past month, while the ageing Game Boy Advance outsold the next-gen console by 2000 units. However, Sony's PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable continue to perform well in the market, with sales of 194,000 units and 183,000 respectively."

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