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Comment Re:Seriously (Score 0) 304

Nobody knows or cares about Lik-Sang and most people see Blu-Ray as the only sane reason to get a PS3. The PS3 has one major problem. When they sat down to make the system, they decided to take on the 360 at $400 + $200 (HD) and make a $600 PS3 that had more features at the same price. And all in all, they win on points, and they still have Final Fantasy and Metal Gear and Gran Turismo to play. They had it all wrapped up.

But they forgot about Nintendo. Nintendo came out with something cheaper than both systems, and more fun to play as a gaming platform. Notice I say more FUN. Forget about graphics, forget about games that take 9 billion years to conquer, the Wii is just laugh-out-loud shameless addictive fun. So, price to fun factor, especially in groups of warm bodies, Nintendo beats both systems hands down. Not only that, people like Midway, EA, and everyone else have taken to the controller and are poised to deliver. NFS: Carbon on Wii is the most satisfying NFS on a console ever, and that's on every platform you can name. The Wireless is easy, the internet modules are great fun for showing YouTube videos, the downloadable ROMs is the most consumer oriented move I have ever seen from a company, the hardware worked on rev 1, and normal people love it.

Just consider the economics of the situation: At $250 for the Wii and $50 for WiiPlay, $80 for two more controllers, you could buy 4 more games, before you hit the $600 the PS3 costs and have 6 different engaging new game to play with actual living breathing people using an interface that people WANT to experience together. Here's an example: I got a thin PS2 a while back and gifted my old PS2 to a friend of mine who plays mostly MMOs and FPSs has never owned a gaming console in his life. He never hooked it up, and probably never will. After just 2 hours of playing Wii Tennis, he decided that he must have one. This is why Nintendo is, at least for now, going to be pushing consumers to pass up the PS3.

Sony's biggest mistake was thinking that, considering the slow sales of the N64 and GameCube, Nintendo just wasn't going to be any competition. They became over-focused on trumping Microsoft at their own game, and they did, but it just doesn't matter. People are going to continue to skate past the PS3 and frantically search for a Wii, not because it's too expensive, NOT because they don't have any games, NOT because it's a rip off; It's because Nintendo just plain offers a better product, PERIOD.

It's the iPod all over again.

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