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Comment Worth it? (Score 1) 227

I bet 50% of those reading Slashdot have access or run all of those Exchange servers... so they are used to the *possibility* to read other people's emails. So what's the big deal? Her minute of fame has passed a long time away. And then, for most of the audience that lives in strange countries like Europe and Asia, who the hell is she anyways?

Comment Suspicious article (Score 1) 200

Just y 2C, but the story looks highly suspicious. First of all, NOWHERE on the website does it say that it will replace the internal passport. Transport passes, social security as a mean of getting services, but in Russia social security number and internal passport are two very different things. Secondly, the website is, I would say, rahter suspicious. Generic Joomla, with even Joomla logos still there (footer, site icon, etc). Looks like something created in 20 mins, providing they had the text. Government structures, although slow, do not work this sloppily. So I would take the whole thing with a grain of salt :)

Apple Patches Massive Holes In OS X 246

Trailrunner7 writes with this snippet from ThreatPost: "Apple's first Mac OS X security update for 2010 is out, providing cover for at least 12 serious vulnerabilities. The update, rated critical, plugs security holes that could lead to code execution vulnerabilities if a Mac user is tricked into opening audio files or surfing to a rigged Web site." Hit the link for a list of the highlights among these fixes.

Comment Simple! (Score 1) 1146

You don't need books to read about how a marriage works.
Believe me, all you need is love for your spouse and respect for each other. If you both have that, any problems (yep, don't believe anyone telling you that a marriage doesnt have its rainy days!), can and will be solved.
Don't look into books, look into yourself, and your partner as the most cherished person in the world. That's all.
Hey, worked for my 20 years of marriage, lol!

Comment bad move (Score 1) 208

Isn't the goal of a space agency to promote scientific advance for space travel? If they are tryng to get additional funding, they'd better team up with someone serious, like Blizzard, who knows the market, player's expectations and... how to make a successful game.
If the goal is to increase common Joe's awareness that you need to recycle etc, a boring game won't do this either.
Waste of taxpayer's money in a field where NASA has no history, no experience and ... really not such an innovative idea for a gameplay!


How Do You Document Technical Procedures? 401

ChadDa3mon writes "I work for a large MSSP type operation and we deal with a plethora of vendors, versions, and .... skill sets. We're facing a critical problem as we grow when trying to deal with these varying degrees of technical competency. The end result is we're getting to the point where we have to document every procedure and process, no matter how mundane or 'common sense' it may seem." How, ChadDa3mon wants to know, can complex skills be documented to account for various users? Read on for more details of what he's seeking.

Comment Bummer (Score 2) 444

Followed the link, went to Google page, actually READ the announcement.. got all excited... had a quick argument with myself why it was time to ditch Firefox and won it.... looked ant whether I have a system backup just in case... sighted... pressed the Download link...

*drums* ... only to discover that it is Windows-only! So we people with Macs and Linuxes can have a bit more time before we get totally googelized.

Comment Upgrading - not an option? (Score 1) 597

People do not upgrade "just because". Well, sure, a small percentage do (you know, people who just have to get the latest and shiniest... YOU know what I mean, right?).
For the majority, either they upgrade "by accident" - when buying a new PC that, accidentally, comes with a new OS.
For businesses, it is not an accident, they evaluate that the OS 1) runs all the soft they use and 2) complies with hardware they use, and 3) is sustainable (security patches, support etc).
Because of that, businesses WILL have to upgrade, together with us, once XP support stops (hey, 2014 is NOT a long way out!), they buy new hardware (oops, sales printers don't have XP drivers anymore, or can't sync with the latest BlackBerry thingies!!!). Last, but not least, they upgrade MSOffice, servers and then, surprise, to use the new features they need components that are Vista-only.
Moving away? Macs or Linux, *IF they comply to the same requirements: newest hardware, stable support and problem-solving, and of course playing nice with the latest corporate drones gadgets!

Feed The Register: The Christmas console war: round one to Xbox? (theregister.com)

Battle for the wrapping paper begins

In the run-up to the Christmas season, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will all be eagerly analysing sales figures in an attempt to declare their own console champion of champions. Microsoft has already made the first move and declared that it's in the best position to win the race to that place under the tree.

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