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Comment Re:Isn't this a test project? (Score 1) 402

No it's not a test facility & can't even be considered R&D unless there's some U.S. or Canadian tax law that will allow OptiSolar to claim it as R&D.

How could you even justify R&D when the costs involved are already known along with the potential output & return, what's to R&D?

No, if anything it's a ploy by the Ontario government to score points with the green's in Ontario. After all we are in election mode in Ontario & the environment is the hot ticket item.

I'm sure if we dig deep enough we'll find that one of the Canadian stake holders in OptiSolar is somehow connected to a lobby group or even the Liberal party.

I don't think anyone's being short sighted at all, when these projects reach us the taxpayer we scream pretty loud. The problem is we don't find out about many of them until it's to late. But thanks to the Internet this has been changing if you didn't notice.

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